Friday, January 21, 2011

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Valledupar, January 21, 2011. ( and

"Numa" and Mayor Edgar Orlando Barrios
Sajonero Jaime Pallares, Garibaldi López and Edgar Orlando Barrios are prosecuted for conspiracy and armed groups promotion of armed groups outside the law, crimes for which they are deprived of liberty in the prison court Valledupar.

While the former paramilitary chief Numa Mendoza Cortes, aka "Numa", should answer for the crimes of conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping for extortion, forced displacement, criminal threats, conformation and promotion of illegal armed groups.

diligence held on Thursday, on the fourth floor of the Palace of Justice in the capital, is part of the evidentiary stage of the process leading the Specialized Penal Court One Valledupar, Nestor Second First, who will hear today the other witnesses called by the prosecution and the defense of the accused.

As you may recall the police captured the former Mayor of Astrea, Garibaldi López, and Orlando Barrios Edgar current president, for alleged links with paramilitary groups that offended in the center of the Department.

Numa Pompilius was also arrested Cortés Mendoza, 41, former military commander of the AUC in Astrea, who during the tenure of Lopez was part of the cabinet.

weighed on the two arrest warrants on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping for extortion and threats uttered by the Office Specialist II of Valledupar.

According to research, Garibaldi López administration supported paramilitary groups, linking this illegal organization staff to the Mayor.

About Numa Cortes Police said today was part of a criminal band that offends in this Municipality.

Orlando Tobon Colonel Ramiro Pena, commander of police in Cesar, said that the prosecution has fought seven arrest warrants against former officials and officials of the municipality of Astrea, of which have been effective three, including a subject that was already deprived of liberty in a prison.


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