Monday, January 10, 2011

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the unsung heroes of Edo Villanueva, Antonio

From the year 828, when the Arab physician Rhazes distinguished first smallpox from other rash diseases to 1796 in which Edward Jenner described his vaccine, smallpox had a terrifying death. This disease, endemic in Europe and Asia, which did not respect any kind social, was taken by the European conquerors to America, where death was a high rate of its indigenous population.
In 1803, King Carlos IV of Spain ordered the organization of Philanthropic Expedition of the Vaccine aimed at bringing this method of prevention to those lands. The expedition was entrusted to a group of surgeons, nurses and mothers of children in the vaccine. This novel narrates the adventures and hardships that ran all along the route and the excellence of their work. It is a tribute to the anonymous children who transmitted the vaccine carrying in his arms, members of the expedition, some of whom gave their lives during the year of their work in dramatic circumstances.


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