Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alopecia Areata Barbae Cure


winner Unpublished Song Festival Integration Granada, Juan Manuel Pérez Gutiérrez "The Professor" received the award on behalf of Juan Carlos Herrera Ospina, a member of organizing committee

successfully completed on Sunday night the Granada Festival Integration "Discovering Talents", which was created with the passage of time backbone of the new generations of performers and permanent vallenato music promoter of culture in the central region of Magdalena department.

Version 2011, held between 20 and 23 January in honor of the forty-third king of the Vallenato Legend Festival, Luis Eduardo Daza Maestre, and folklore of the land, Dagoberto Puello Ospino crowned at the gala night to the best of a litter of accordionists in children and amateur categories, in addition to notable participants in both unreleased song and Piqueria as art and extras.

As a new fan was crowned King Ivan David Galofre, Valledupar, who had used the most to win with unquestionable expertise to also cesarense Oscar Augusto Ariza Morón and ariguanense Gacel Moreno Jairo Orozco, second and third place respectively.

In children, the winner was Alberto Luis Coba Caballero, second place for Mugno Camilo José Pinzón and third place for the girl Paola Carmona Orozco, who has emerged as one of the figures in vallenato gender.

The first place it was unreleased song composer Juan Manuel Pérez "The Professor" with the ride "Dating and Friends", followed by Mario Jorge Oñate with the song "I'm still ahead" and Trejos Roger Castillo on the theme "The Owl Thief."

In Piqueria the winner was Felix Padilla Tapias, who with sublime qualities repentistas defeated the famous and Freddy De Avila, El Carmen de Bolívar, and three-time King of the Festival Vallenato Piqueria Jose Felix Ariza.

As jurors highlights of this latest iteration Integration of the Festival of Granada were the cultural ambassador of UNESCO, Rosendo Romero (unreleased songs and children's accordion), Luis Eduardo Daza Maestre, and Alcides Maestre Orozco Ruben Diaz (Accordion fans).

In visual arts the top five were, in order: Daniel Torres Julio, Vanessa Torres, Master Armedis Vides, José Mario Perez Saumeth and Angie Bernal. In comparsas the first three places were taken by "Pochocolos", "Show Folk in New Granada" and "Creative Manitos."

The festival had its four-day celebration with a large attendance of the public, especially those who came to New Granada, from cities as Valledupar, Santa Marta and Barranquilla in the quest for integration and healthy recreation. The authorities were pleased with this new achievement that points to the civic leader Mariluz Bernal Castro, chairwoman of the event.

Satisfied and eager to continue contributing to the culture at the regional level, were the organizers and judges of the Festival of Granada Integration. From left to right: José Vicente Trejos, Donaldo Venera; Rosendo Romero, the president of the Festival, Mariluz Bernal Castro, Rafael Gutierrez, Ruben Orozco, Francisco Stumm and Amalfi Rada


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