Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Does Black Poo Matter Whilst Pregnent


staff involved said it was just to make a career. Argues that he was tricked by strangers.

When I received the product of an extortion of a farmer in rural New Granada, was captured by the police component Gaul, an alleged member of a gang of common criminals that came to plague the farmers of that region of Magdalena.

The subject, who was captured was legalized by a judge in control of security in Plato, was identified as Luis Enrique Gamez Meza 36-year-old motorcycle taxi driver occupation, and resident natural Ariguaní in the neighborhood of the Congo Hard.

When be taken in flagrante delicto, Gamez Meza carried in his hands the sum of 5 million pesos, a quota that was required to give the farmer in exchange for his life respected . According to declarations by the authorities, the landowner had already given late last year a similar amount.

"The task of Gaul after the catch is completely dismantle this band, which is estimated is the author of the recent extortion which have undergone a number of traders and farmers of Nueva Granada and difficult ", as reported by Sergeant Felipe Gonzalez, commander of the unified action by the personal freedom that has its base in Ariguaní.

Gonzalez asked the inhabitants of the region to continue to report such incidents because victims of extortion or who are suspected of committing crimes of any nature against other people as well.

"The lawsuit is important because it strengthens the research come forward to prevent criminals terrorize and take over this region, "he said.

The responsible conduct of Gaul, Police, said that with this capture shows that the perpetrators of violence are not "Urabeños" or "countries", as these are made to appear but a bunch of common criminals who have taken career amid the silence of the victims.


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