Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pink And White Cubefield


Popular Mission Retreat

Santas in St. Thomas the Apostle Parish

Jalpatagua, Jutiapa was lived with great joy First Holy Popular Missions Retreat in St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Jalpatagua, Jutiapa, on 8, 9 and 10 October. There was a lot of missionaries who attended this retreat. Bishop Julio Cabrera, was present at the Retreat on Sunday 10. Bishop Julio Cabrera reads as follows:

"They were gathered about 500 missionaries and Jaime Perez P. Aroche, were also the Franciscan Sisters. The atmosphere was festive, with strong emphasis charismatic . We saw well presented drama, as embodied in its reality, stressing the Valley New.

Given the theme of Sunday and the emphasis we put in giving glory to God, as did the Samaritan gratefully thanked God for what they mean largely the SMP in the diocese and specifically in this parish has also been proposed to be a missionary. In the Eucharistic celebration attended by Fr Joseph Camilleri and enough people participated the people. " present to you some pictures of the Retreat: All rights reserved - © October 2010


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