Monday, January 10, 2011

How Can Youmake Out Ofb O Q N S P E

Northern Flower Freire, Espido

Espido Freire debut in the historical novel with the life of a princess any.

historical novel that reveals the harrowing lives of Haakonardóttir Kristina, the young Norwegian princess turned to force in Infanta of Castile to marry Philip, brother of Alfonso X El Sabio. Kristina
depart from their cold North Castilla on a journey to end, finally, in Seville began to flourish and amaze you with customs, colors and new sensations for her. But all their discoveries will be steeped in suffering and agony an inevitable fate that leads her mysterious illness. Kristina poor betrayed and rejected die away from home, among a people who always saw it as the foreign.

"My name is Kristin Haakonardóttir, daughter and granddaughter of kings, princess of Norway, Princess of Castile. I called the Flower of the North, the golden gift, foreign, and in recent months, Cristina Dona Poor."


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