Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brackish Water And Nasal Polyps


The teacher Delia Visbal Tovar originally from The Hard, was one of the wounded after the spectacular accident on the road between the village of Loma del Balm Foundation with the municipality when a bus en route interdepartmental Valledupar - Barranquilla and had a total of 34 passengers, he turned to leave the road. Apparently the car ran out of brakes.

According to information released by authorities, the accident occurred at about 10:30 am yesterday, at kilometer 25. The bus line Cootracosta Sirena, seventeenth plate 242, was led by William Jaimes Jaimes, who lost control of the vehicle rolling a young street vendor and causing panic among the passengers.

highway police reached the place and with the cooperation of the staff of the Civil Defense and Red Cross managed to get everyone who is transported in the vehicle, and then transferred to Santa clinics Teresa and Ucif Foundation.

Stephanie Barros 17 year old who was hit by the bus, when worked selling water and sodas in the sector, head trauma and had bruises all over his body, becoming one of the most affected accident, so the doctors released Ucif clinic, where he also admitted Palmera Maria del Carmen Santana, 40 years old, residing in Valledupar, also had significant injuries.
Other patients who were admitted with minor injuries were: Leticia Hurtado, 62 years of age, was accompanied by his granddaughter Kelly Cubillo 10, both residents of Balsam Hill, Orlinda Oliveros Serpa 42, Cienaga, had bruises on his face.

Kelly Narvaez, 26, natural foundation, this girl is 5 months pregnant, to the end of this year was valued by physicians, Olga Reyes Gonzalez, 22, originally from the Loma the Balm, Luz Marina Yance, 32, was accompanied by his niece Lilia Domínguez Yance, both residing in Pivijay.

For his part in the clinic were sent Santa Teresa: Denis Gámez 43 year old native of Aracataca, who underwent surgery on admission and is recovering satisfactorily, other patients who were admitted to this medical center with minor injuries as Yerlis Arevalo, 22, was traveling with her husband, Wilton 34, Tarco their son, Andres Felipe Tarco 8 months old, the family lives in Cartagena.

Lilibeth de la Rosa 20-year-old from Algarrobo, Paul Jimenez, 42, of Loma del Balsamo, Alexander Arciniega 20 years and Tomasa Meza, 33, both of Algarrobo, Erlin Diaz People 26 years old, 33-Alexander Mendoza years traveling with his wife Lara Kelly 30 years and his daughter Valeria Mendoza, 4 years; Delia Tovar Visbal the 42-year-Hard, Magdalena; Eliecer Torres 57-year resident in Valledupar, José de la Cruz Pérez, 56, of the Loma del Balsamo, Bruno Arteaga Valledupar 54 years.


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