Monday, January 10, 2011

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The Death of Venus de Racine, Luis

In fifteenth century Florence the splendor of the arts depends on the delicate political balance. Lorenzo de Medici is a leader respected by many but hated by many others. At any time those who envy his great power can ally against trying to wrest control of the most prosperous city in Italy. They just need a good opportunity and the help of a traitor.
Oblivious to the palace intrigues, an exceptionally beautiful young newcomer to the city means to the young painter Sandro Botticelli's discovery of love and inspiration. Simonetta not only as a model posing just for one of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance, The Birth of Venus, but becomes an object of deep desire of the painter. But the passion, when it is returned, can poison the soul.
Luis Racine has written a magnificent historical novel in which, from the first page, invites you to continue reading
with its elegant prose, agile and accurate amorous and political intrigues that took place in Florence of the Medicis.


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