Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make Pancakes With Krusteaz Waffle


Moscote GIL
A chaos has been facing all public and private offices in the Municipality of Ariguaní after failures which has since late last year, the internet and communication by providing the major cellular operators in the country.

Difficulties in connectivity have represented delays in the flow of relevant information from government, banking and private estates that have to the Internet as an important tool to link their communication processes the rest of Colombia and the world.

The early statements to that effect made them know this week the Civic Development Corporation Regional -Corpocívica ", which has claimed to Comcel and Movistar operators and a greater commitment to rectify the faults, because of an initial intermittent and seemingly insignificant, has spent a total collapse of the system.

"operators require a rapid response because so much is the damage it is causing users Ariguaní, since they will no longer send and receive vital information and educational opportunities at , Business and management, leaving a feeling of irresponsibility of those in charge of handling it, "Moses said as Moscote Leonardo Gil, president of that NGO.

Moscote Gil said he understood that they had overcome the problems that led to the theft of cables in a repeater antenna located in Pueblo Nuevo, so it does not explain why were continuing excessive failures in service delivery.

mentioned that some schools have failed to report fees or meet other requirements of the Department of Education Department, because internet is falling out.

"We it is unfair that you are demanding timely payment of a service that is not actually being paid, "coined the civic leader.


But if the Internet has generated complaints, no concern has been less than what is happening with communication via cell phone, that many are the people who complain because their call will not take more than a minute.

That has caused a series of speculations, to the point that many think this is the famous pikes, these wiretaps that takes more than a pinch in the infamous Administrative Department of Security, DAS.

"The truth is that I have set with squamous cell phone. It is normal that one is talking about, that suddenly a scream from the device and the call is finished falling, "said a high school teacher who asked not to be identified.

Others suggest that everything can be caused by a war between cellular operators and internet, so that users abandon a particular company and join another, but whatever the reason, the situation in Ariguaní for this reason is that overcomes the resistance of those who are forced to use this type of technological tools for professional and administrative chores.

Even some have turned to local personality for this body to take action on the matter and respect the rights of users of ICTs in this municipality.


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