Friday, January 28, 2011

Model With Pectus Excavatum


The pretty young Yerlis Adriana Peña Arias, 19, a law student at the Popular University of Cesar, was chosen last Wednesday as the new queen of the carnival central Difficult, after a close election where some of the women participated more colorful with Ariguaní counts.

The new central sovereign carnestolendas daughter of daughter of Passo Arias Noris Peña and Guillermo Oswaldo Sanchez (deceased). She, with her poise and ease, able to convince the jurors demanding integrated group Rina Luz Herrera Barrios, a former central Queen 1988; Zenit Pacheco, beautician and dancer, and Carlos Andres Ospina Sánchez, artist, choreographer and an active member of the Foundation Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Besides Yerlis Competitor Adriana Peña Arias were Marizete Pacheco Meza, Rada Yulianis Barrera, Gladys Rivera Cudriz, Martieris Rada and Maria Alejandra Oliveros Tovar Viloria, most of them, eleventh grade students in educational institutions work in Ariguaní.

Although there were divided opinions on the outcome, the experts considered as the correct choice of the new sovereign, which began to tip the scales in their favor after the answers to questions from the jury.

"Maybe there were more girls in the dance performance, but I think the jury was looking for a person with a comprehensive profile. That is the result and let's face it, even people who are very knowledgeable on the subject is not shared, "Wilder said González Ruiz, chief executive of the carnival of 2011.

Gonzalez immediately set to work alongside Jorge Elías Contreras Estrada, Domingo Mellao Escobar, Javier Hernando Peña Sánchez, Martha Velásquez Guzmán, Dairo Palencia, María del Rosario Master, among other members of the organizing meeting, to prepare the official presentation of the popular candidates and reading the side on Saturday 29 January.

"Despite not having the financial support of the municipal administration, we hope that the mayor Rivelino Mendoza Ballestas then displayed his good sense and as honorary president to help us move forward the festivities enjoyed by the people both dificilero "added Gonzalez

this year's carnival, formalized by Decree 005 of January 21, 2011, under the slogan:" Together carnivals are enjoying your contribution ", chose the same night as King Momo Alvaro Vásquez de la Hoz, a popular public service inter driver, member of the Cooperative Ariguaní conveyors.

organizing committee members and the new central Queen of Carnival 2011 in The Difficult shortly after the election and coronation ceremony held at the Convention Center Palm Alicia Maestre. "


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