Friday, January 21, 2011

Crawler King Vs. Axial Scorpion


After several days of monitoring and intelligence work, Infantry Battalion No. 5 "José María Córdova", dealt a blow to the criminal bands that offend in the center of the Magdalena, to dismantle a cove with considerable material of war in rural Ariguaní.

During the military action were seized two mortars, a fragmentation grenade, 254 5.56 caliber cartridges, a pistol American. 380 (9 mm Short) marks Bryco Arms, and a supplier for it with seven rounds.

War material was merged in the grounds of the estate "My blessing" on the road from the Trunk of containers leads to the village Zealand, 18 kilometers northeast of difficulty.

The coup was possible thanks to information supplied by locals who said they saw several suspects recently prowl for the rural sector. Military officials estimate that would be the same individuals who once had been mobilized in the area asking for the names of landowners, on visiting the farms and on their treatment with their employees.

The attitude of the unknown was assumed at first that it was a return to the region in a fraction of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), but this suggestion was dismissed by military spokesmen to certify that the material war seized belonging to criminal gangs that are in the service of drug trafficking.


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