Saturday, February 26, 2011

Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum


The farmer lived in union with the dificilera, Adriana Barrios Batista.

Moments when Giraldo Osorio was transferred to the Clinical Valledupar
The vendor identified as Carlos Alcides Giraldo Osorio, 44, was hovering between life and death in Valledupar Clinic, following the serious injuries that caused a spectacular crash in the town of Bosconia.

Giraldo Osorio, had a severe head trauma and multiple injuries, so it was plunged into a deep coma which could not be retrieved. His heart stopped beating at 9:30 Sunday night.

Carlos Alcides Giraldo Osorio lived in union with the dificilera, Adriana Barrios Batista union of which only two children.

The accident that caused the fatal injuries occurred to the merchant on 25 February in the city limits of the municipality of Bosconia, where he was sent to hospital 'Rosario Lopez Pumarejo' and subsequently attended the clinic in Valledupar.

'My brother was traveling on a motorcycle and was hit by a truck that missed a stop sign, "said Jose Barrios Batista, while ahead the process to claim the body in the morgue facilities and Legal Medicine Forensic Sciences.

Carlos Alcides Giraldo Osorio, resided in the district "July 16" of Bosconia, but was a native of the municipality of San Alberto, Cesar south.


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