Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Gale unroofed several houses in" BRISAS DE Ariguaní "

cement asbestos shingles covering the homes of the Private Ariguaní breezes blew as sheets of paper in the middle of rushing wind. The greatest distance that did not reach some of the beams dragged and dropped on furniture and appliances.

The people of Brisas de Ariguaní Urbanization in the difficult, yet to recover from the shock that caused the strong wind that hit them while enjoying the cool evening last Sunday.

uppercase A scare the inhabitants were carried the development of the Brisas de Ariguaní Difficult, when 47 homes set in the sector fell prey to a severe storm to the 5:00 pm Sunday.

The phenomenon, classified by the Civil Defense in category 10 on the Beaufort Scale, wind reached a speed of about 100 km / h, and in addition to causing serious structural damage in three houses in the cited urbanization, uprooted trees and eroded the visibility in the Core of the containers while it was accompanied by rain.

mainly affected by the wind were Astrid Rodriguez Jimenez, Osmary Rumberto Aragon Orozco and Salcedo, whose homes were damaged on their roofs, walls and windows.
The situation for these new victims was more chaotic because much of the debris fell on beds, televisions, refrigerators and furniture, destroying them in full in some cases.

to the site of the events moved the civil defense, led by its president, Itamar Allende Pérez Núñez, paying due care and leading to "Hospital Alejandro Sierra Maestre" residents who were in shock after the gale.

Although not yet have an accurate assessment of the damage that caused the atmospheric phenomenon, the authorities estimate that the losses are in the millions, if one takes into account that beyond the three houses damaged, there have been raging lower in most of the 47 homes.

Unofficially it was learned that Mayor Ariguaní Rivelino Jesus Mendoza Ballestas has communicated with those affected to express their solidarity and step announce aid for the reconstruction of housing is made as soon as possible.

Brisas de Ariguaní urbanization is located in one of the highest in the north of the county seat, just outside the Main Container and full input from the neighboring village of Pueblo Nuevo. His little protection makes it vulnerable to strong winds that usually blow at this time in the region.


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