Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Get Soldiers In Mount And Blade


As planned at this time of year early, the company began serving SA Dolmen with the concession contract for the management of public lighting in Ariguaní. The first activities were concentrated in the hotspots of The Hard .
With the installation of the first lights, was launched here at the concession contract by which the company took Dolmen SAESP operation for 20 years, replacement, modernization, maintenance, management and expansion of public lighting system in Ariguaní.

The work focused initially on the central sector of the municipal town, especially in the sector banking, public offices and widely popular sites, where the lack of artificial light generated a grim and highly suitable for criminal activities.

The community has experienced satisfaction after the start of activities of the dealer, because in addition to artificial lighting unquestionably reduce the accident rate at the time generated the low visibility in hotspots.

According to transcend what he has done Dolmen SA, marking the company called "Urban Development Corporation of Colombia", the labeled as urgent work be carried out in parallel both in the difficult, and in the village of Pueblo Nuevo, and then guide a second phase of the service standards in areas of the head where the situation is urgent.

As supervisor of the work by the city administration is the Social Development Secretary, Fred Hernandez Peñaranda, who has accompanied the workers from the moment they made their arrival in Ariguaní.

He stressed that everything is being developed as provided in the contract and he was confident the good results that shed Dolmen linking SA and urgent solution to an age old problem.

pass dismissed criticism that some political sectors have externalized against the concession contract, arguing that both the bidding process as transparent relationship enjoyed properly under the oversight of the Control Committee Public Services and the agreement of the communities attending the conference of socialization.

"Everything has been taken under the Act and we are pleased that a company as recognized as Dolmen SA, which has extensive experience in the field in the municipalities of Foundation, Soledad, Malambo and Juan de Acosta, right Ariguaní presence to help solve an intractable problem as very soon cease to represent the absence of street lighting, which no previous president gave solution, "said in a vehement, Hernandez Peñaranda.


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