Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Masterbation Techniecs


strong action against the commercialization of cattle rustling and illegal meat recently took Ariguaní authorities, to ensure the safety of meat products consumed by the inhabitants of this municipality.

demands recently made by the Livestock Fund of Magdalena, round about the dismal state of slaughterhouses found in all areas of the department, Ariguaní authorities took the first steps to urgently resolve the acute problem of seating and health which through the local abattoir.

During a long call in the boardroom of the Municipal Government, met, among others, the Municipal, Nellys Pérez García, Secretary of Government and Home Affairs, Gabriel Castro Charris , the central police inspector, Vides Enilce Herrera, the head of Development Social Peñaranda Fred Hernandez, the police commander, Pedro Antonio Imbachi Hoyos, the president of the Livestock Committee, Neil Bustamante, the promoter of sanitation, Jaime Padilla Martinez, the promoter of the Environment, Moses Moscote Gil, and the tax collecting beheading, Celmira Méndez.

Among a host of decisions made operational and legal basis, the concrete was once and for all the contract of bailment than a year ago are formalizing Cogan and the Government Secretariat for that is the union organized farmer who manages the slaughterhouse from the week next.

learned that just need to enlist some details on public services, closing and various fixes locative to optimize Cogan between killing activity and distribution of meat consumed by the inhabitants of the difficult and its surroundings. In this way it could end to the constant exposure to diseases to which consumers are led by the dubious and precarious handling of meat products.

called authorities also determined to meet every 15 days to closely monitor the cattle coming to slaughter and the meat distributed state, because it has become clear that many animals for slaughter come in a poor state because of abuse or diseases potentially transmissible to humans.

Another situation carefully analyzed had to do with the failures that have been presented in both police records checks at slaughterhouses and in the local market, after one of the present petition, on evidence that there have been cases where staff has been permissive forces mobilizing against animals unfit for sacrifice.

On this last point it was learned that the commander of the police station a little later met with his subordinates to verify the allegations and take appropriate corrective measures, and preparing a meeting with butchers this week to socialize the penalties for those who promote or be involved in situations referred to in violation of sanitary standards and the National Police Code.


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