Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call Shoprite To Check On Application


Yerlis Adriana Peña Arias, central Queen of the Carnival of the difficult, next to King Momo, Alvaro Vásquez and children Amaya Luisa Fernanda Acosta Stiven Yeison Mugno Barraza, central Queen and King Momo at children, respected.

Amid a massive uproar, parody, flour, reggaeton and colorful costumes, took place at the Loma Fresca barrio of El Difficult expected reading on the side of central Queen Carnival of the town and which officially pulled the carnival of 2011.

The royal decree of Yerlis Adriana Peña Arias, sovereign of the carnivals, became a call to joy, to promote vacanería and banish boredom while pagadiario warn not to charge a single dollar to the "Martes de Joselito" and admonish sorcerers to cease their ties and let everyone take their Canitas unqualified air.

The massive response to the invitation given on the side was not expected since the outbreak of the "crazy hour," thousands of attendees broke in unison with a clamor that echoed for several minutes in the populous area north of the town and led people to stay fun until dawn.

The program also included the presentation of popular candidates, registered up to now: Keyla Escobar Mejia, the district of El Retiro, Lina Marcela Cuevas, by the quadrant neighborhoods that make up Las Flores, Solidarity and Up; Yesica Martinez Diaz, by 4 of May, and Karen Judith Macías Brochero, by Carmen and eight in December.

candidates As children, appeared: Daniela Vega, the neighborhood of El Carmen and the eighth of December, and Camila Andrea Padilla De la Hoz, and El Retiro, waiting for the organizing meeting in the coming days more participants join.

So far, the Carnival has been successfully held its first event and has received a massive boost dificilera community, despite early setbacks that threatened to end this ancient festivity.


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