Sunday, February 6, 2011

Months After Myomectomy


Nayib Velasco Aguilar, Jorge Castilla y Ronin Ríos Maestre, shortly after taking oath on Wednesday following the election of new officers Ariguaní City Council, the date on which it was ratified, Miguel Arrieta Carlos Pacheco, secretary of the Corporation.

With the resignation of two members of the newly elected board City Council directive Ariguaní, the corporation renewed on Wednesday that the body that runs and step on the mat got a clash between the two main political forces would be seen in the upcoming elections.

After the withdrawals by way of irrevocable formalized both President Oscar Andrade Palace, as the first vice president, Elvira Castillo Castillo, between 17 and 23 January for personal reasons and aspirations for new political posts, the Council had shown some inactivity, he risked his work co-administrator.

This served to partisan forces rearrange and consolidate the majority that remains aligned with the administration of Mayor Rivelino Mendoza Ballestas, as two members of the previous board were declared opponents of the president.

With the election, most managed to choose as the new president of the Corporation to the leader of Radical Change, Nayibe Velasco Aguilar who had occupied that position in 2008. As first vice president was Jorge Eduardo Maestre Castilla (Colombia Viva) and remained Ronin Rivers Linan (Apertura Liberal) in the second mate, for it was the only one who did not resign.

The new president of the Council was faced Ariguaní in this election Barrios Rada Alcibiades, whom he defeated by 8 votes to 4. A little later the same neighborhood again apply his name to the first mate, but was defeated by Master Castilla, a numeral of 9 votes to 3.

should point out that the councilman number 13 Oscar Andrade Palace, no was present at the meeting.

Thus were established two fronts, one majority, made up of councilors Nayibe Velasco Aguilar, Jorge Maestre, Iván Peña Peña, Joaquín Salazar Arturo Vasquez, Elvira Castillo, Gaspar Madariaga, Walter Herrera, Aldo De Leon and Manuel Camacho, who support the candidacy of businessman Eduardo Castilla Carlos Baena to City Hall. The other, composed Ronin Liñán Rivers, Oscar Andrade Palacio, Alcibiades Barrios Oliveros Daza Zunilda Rada, which has the latter as a candidate for the first municipal office.


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