Monday, February 21, 2011

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* The threat to Rivelino Mendoza Ballestas came to his cell through a text message.

"Be careful do not get both, I'll fuck you and you who walk with you", which says that text message today is the mayor of Ariguaní seriously concerned for his life and safety of the circle of people around him.

This is the second time the president of the ariguanenses warns of the danger to his life. Last year he and the ombudsman of Ariguaní, Nelly Perez Garcia, had reported intimidation caused by dark forces.

latter warning came the mayor's cell phone late last week and since then he has been forced to strengthen security measures to prevent the grisly ads materialize.

Mendoza Ballestas was convinced that the threats come from criminal gangs operating in Ariguaní, because according to him, "not liking them is that we have summoned the security forces to locate and pursue them."

The threat transcends amid national alarm, then the Minister of Interior and Justice, Germain Vargas Lleras, and Fedemunicipios executive director, Gilberto Toro, denounce not only the "BACRIM" intended to interfere in the electoral process to be held in October, but like others of a subversive nature, are intimidating the mayors who did not agree with his actions.


Ballestas Rivelino Mendoza said that "the intention of these groups is that we leave I say, stop being reported and that we cross our arms, but that's not going to happen. "
"Our task has been to ensure the security and coexistence in Ariguaní, hence the result that we have not had a murder in the last 4 months and reduced the incidence of other crimes such as extortion , which implies that the dimension of the commitment to citizenship, "said Mayor Ariguaní.

The president also showed concern about what might happen to your family, guards, office staff or those who accompany him permanently, as it fears the threat of collateral damage likely in people live beyond their tenure as governor.

"really concerned about the fact that innocent people could be affected if an attack materializes. I do not understand why they have to leave injured people around me, especially the guards, who only do their duty, "said Mendoza Ballestas.
Regarding the latter, it was established that the text message with the threat that Mayor seems to have been forwarded to his bodyguards, in an apparent attempt to undermine the spirit of them and force them to abandon their responsibilities.

"will continue"

Although the ariguanenses president said he was a bit daunted, he hopes to regain the fighting spirit that has characterized and continue with the bright management that has earned national recognition in the fiscal and administrative matters and the implementation of large projects in their municipality.

"I will forward for the good of all, do not back down on this mission entrusted to me by the people of Ariguaní; continue until the last day under the shadow of God, the people's trust and support of all Armed Forces has been deployed to put an end once and for all the bands that hit the town with the kidnapping and extortion, "said Mendoza.


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