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mourn TRAGEDY OF BARRA BRAVA Cucuta Deportivo

Yesid Elvis Herrera Ruiz
* Members the barra brava 'La Banda del Indio' moved up a semi. Supporters Eperara Magangué to reach attend the game next Sunday on your computer with Real Cartagena.

odyssey ended in tragedy, four young fans of Cúcuta Deportivo undertaken to see the team play between the border and Real Cartagena, which will be held on Sunday at the stadium Diego Carvajal in the town of Magangue in the department of Bolivar.

Yesid learned that Elvis Herrera Ruiz, popularly known as 'The Caleño', died after falling from the tractor-trailer driven by Joseph Parra, PU-286 plate, registered in La Calera, Cundinamarca, where he moved from capital Norte de Santander.


unidentified wounded. He is being held at a clinic in Barranquilla

With him traveled Tiguoque Diana Ester Ortiz, 14, who lives in the neighborhood of Villa del Rosario de Cúcuta, Sergio Bernal Adrian Mendoza, 15, established in the town of San Miguel, and another young man whose identity is unknown, who were taken to the Hospital of the municipality of Plato in the Magdalena, where the unknown was referred to the Campbell Clinic in Barranquilla because of the severity of the injury to the head, mainly.


involved in tractor-trailer accident
The incident took place yesterday at noon at the entrance of the village of La Gloria, in the municipality of Nueva Granada, where the branch of a tree hit the ground guácimo the four fans who traveled illegally into the top of the trailer. According to what is told by one of the victims, that they are part of a group of about 37 fans of the barra brava 'La Banda del Indio', which aboard several cargo vehicles expected to arrive at bolivarense population, asking chance or war as it is known in the jargon of white bars.


Despite the actions being conducted by the Highway Patrol to prevent these fatal outcomes in the various main roads in Magdalena, many unwary who use trickery to evade the controls, as happened in this accident, in which young people between the tent camouflaged the heavy vehicle to avoid being taken down by either the driver or by agents and can thus reach its goal of seeing his team play. FAITHFUL FAN

was learned that this bar is one that the media in the border city classifies as the most faithful to the team 'motilón', since they are present in each of the stages that the team plays.

"We accompany our team to where you play, do not pay tickets, as we all move to cities seeking chance to mules to spare tickets and gain entry to stadiums to watch the games, "said the victim, Adrian Bernal Sergio Mendoza.


A good long was shot in asphalt the only fatality
to crime scene personnel arrived Criminology Unit of the Judicial Police, Sijin, who took charge of the relevant inspection body, which then was taken to the morgue to the cemetery Plato Township, where today is expected to reach their families claim and move to their city of origin.

"Unfortunately, many fans of football clubs in the country do not become aware of the dangers they face when using this type of transportation to different cities. They do whatever it takes to join their teams and here is the unfortunate result, "said one officer who attended the event.


This barra brava of Cúcuta Deportivo, paradoxically began when the club Norte de Santander played a key match in the Second Division against Real Cartagena, 28 November 2004. Its location in the General Santander stadium is the area behind the arches.

news media in the border city rate it as one of the most popular bar just between all those associated with Cucuta Deportivo. Emerged in the noisy sector of the Citadel and his first name was 'The Leper'.

however, are designated to promote the greatest disorders when Cúcuta lose at home and often challenging the security measures taken by club leaders and authorities.


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