Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Ariguaní injured after serious accident BETWEEN HARD AND NEW GRANADA

Two women who way from The Hard to New Granada on board a motorcycle were seriously injured, when hitting the small vehicle they were traveling with a tractor-trailer that was stranded on the road and no signs whatsoever.

The incident occurred around seven in the evening of Thursday, less than 1 mile from the toll installed on this section of the Core Container.

The most affected after this incident was Derlys Spain Ospina, who was driving the motorcycle, on which the authorities reported that hails from the Difficult, 41-year-old hairdresser by profession and mother of four children. This woman had multiple injuries in the arm and right leg and serious injuries to his pelvis.

Otálora Dolce, 31, occupation aesthetic, natural and living in New Granada, who traveled from grill, introduced cranial trauma , opening in the pelvis and two fractures in his left leg.

Both women were rushed to hospital "Alejandro Sierra Maestre, where soon the doctors on duty decided to move to Dish because of the severity of injuries. Later it was learned they had been referred to the clinic, "The Sun" in Barranquilla by the complexity of the lesions.

police officials put the case over to prosecutors, to determine the guilt of the truck driver in this. It transpired that the driver, as outlined Sierra José Jacinto Salazar, was deprived of his freedom soon after to reach the crash site from Bosconia, where he was looking for some spare parts for the truck and completed four days of being stranded.

The vehicle involved in the accident is a Dodge truck, Type 63, AEA plate 994 of El Espinal (Tolima), which moved from the je coffee to the port of Cartagena.


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