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The former head of the front 'Juan Andrés Álvarez' also spoke of the crime and livestock ariguanense Councilman, Rafael Barrios Rios .

SANTA MARTA (Hoy Diario del Magdalena) .- The links of some members of the security forces and paramilitary groups operating in the vast border between Magdalena and Cesar, were fully exposed after the demobilized AUC leader, Oscar Jose Pacheco Ospina, alias "Ptolemais", syndicated police Hard to be the author of the assassination of former mayor of Ariguaní Palmera Andrés Alfonso Anaya.

The revelations of the former commander of the front 'Juan Andrés Álvarez' met after the last deposition given before the third judge Justice and Peace in Barranquilla, which surfaced 64 other crimes committed by paramilitaries operating in the axis to form the municipality of Sabana de San Ángel, New Granada, Ariguaní and Bosconia (Cesar).

The Pacheco Ospina expressed endorses the assumptions of much of the population about the complicity of the police then, "that not only exempting paramilitaries control procedures, but key allies constituted illegal business, "said an indignant coined leader who requested anonymity.

In the third judge Justice and Peace, aka "Ptolemais" confirmed that in the area "... all the police worked with us (and) that's not a secret."

Hoy Diario del Magdalena
could establish that the commander of the police station at that time in the difficult, was the sergeant Francisco Antonio Rojas Bejarano, now higher (r) of the armed forces.

Bejarano Rojas name is unwelcome reminder of some facts, as a judge sentenced him knowledge of Villavicencio, at the request of the Prosecutor, to 12 years in prison to find him guilty of the crime of aggravated torture. The prosecution showed that on 21 August 2008, the officer, with the sergeant (r) from the same institution Marco Antonio Arias Santos, hit and threatened to kill three laborers and a minor in the town San Martín (Meta).


The assassination of civil engineer Palmera Andrés Alfonso Anaya, president of Ariguaní between 1995-1997, who at that time had 44 years of age, occurred on September 7, 1999, after spending three days away.

The lifeless body of the former mayor and former councilman was found with multiple gunshot wounds in an area of \u200b\u200bthe village of Santa Rosa de Lima, a town of Algarrobo within the limits of Magdalena and Cesar.

Oscar Jose Pacheco Ospina said the order to kill Palmera was given by the same 'Jorge 40', for "political disagreements, as the former mayor refused to collude with paramilitaries.

During the judicial proceedings "Ptolemais" Palmera described as a person outside the self-defense and denied that his murder had been suggested as other leaders in the region. He said that the crime was a warning that he wanted to send Rodrigo Tovar Pupo those not in harmony with their political project.

Palmera was kidnapped two kilometers from the village of Pueblo Nuevo (Ariguaní) on the road that leads to Bosconia municipality in Cesar (Core Container) as he was returning to Barranquilla on board a vehicle that was intercepted by armed men was taken due to Sabanas de San Angel.

On that occasion it transpired that "Jorge 40" will set up a lengthy trial, which after deep disagreements decided to kill him.


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