Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Timelapse With Canon Sd780 Is

The Secret of Eleanor of Aquitaine Holland, Cecelia

In 1151 Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, still does not give birth to a male heir, despite having almost fifteen years married to Louis VII, King of France.
The Duchess is an intelligent and ambitious woman who is unhappy in his marriage as well in the court of Paris, which is little more than a prisoner surrounded by spies who control each of their movements. Feeling called to undertake major tasks, the decision to obtain the annulment of his marriage and return to Poitiers, capital of his own fiefdom.
His plan will provide a crucial turn when he meets Henry Anjou, young Duke of Normandy, fighting to inherit the throne of England. It is from this point that Leonor will be put in place all its resources, all his influence to get carry out its purposes. For this we have the invaluable help of his sister, Petronilla, repudiated by her husband and has always lived in the shadow of the Queen, and the unconditional Rancune Knight, who does not hide his love for his wife. But nothing like the Queen will hold: the church will oppose his intentions, his closest servants and even disobey Petronila the start to rise as a threat.
However, Leonor is willing to fight to achieve what you want: become the most influential woman of her time ... Even if I have to hide a secret that will change the future of Europe.


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