Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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A low-power device exploded on Saturday night at the residence of a farmer in AriguanĂ­, without causing human casualties or structural damage consideration, but a great panic in the popular quarter of the December Eight Difficult.
The attack was directed, according to a preliminary police report against the landowner Molinares Manuel Ospina, known to his family and friends as "The Black" and who since late last year has been targeted for extortion by a gang criminal operating in the municipality of Magdalena.
"Judging from the short-lived explosion, the characteristics of subsonic and low impact, you can determine that it was a home-made device," said Mayor Peter Imbachi Hoyos, commander police in the difficult, shortly after around 11:30 pm when the event occurred.
The blast shook the neighborhood, but without affecting the most important sections of the house and without endangering the lives of those who lived, said police official.
The device was placed by unknown persons in the courtyard of the residence within a tango cash. The explosion Glitter pavement at the scene and released fragments of stone from all sides without major consequences twisted sheets of zinc, a semi wall shattered and cracked pool.
However, the wife and daughters farmer, who slept at that hour, they received the early hours of Sunday following demonstrations psychological hysteria which caused the scare.
The event broke the tranquility it enjoyed AriguanĂ­ 5 months, after neutralization of criminal gangs that become part of the municipal and considered the main cause of violent acts that disrupt public order this part of Magdalena.
Although the local police command did not specify details about the possible perpetrators of the attack framework of the research advances, nor known any claim on the fact there is a presumption that any BACRIM could be behind this terrorist act.
mid-January precisely, a subject, identified as Luis Enrique Garcia Meza, a 36-year-old motorcycle taxi driver by profession, an alleged member of a criminal group was arrested by the police Gaul when he received the said cattle the sum of five million dollars on his estate in the jurisdiction of New Granada, as part of a robust economic demand respect in return for his life.
The attack would then retaliation against the landowner for having betrayed.
"Organized crime has used extortion as the main means of subsistence and now seems to respond to threats, and the calculated use of violence to achieve their objectives in any way," said a senior city official after a programmable Special security council to discuss the case.
learned that the president of the ariguanenses, Rivelino Mendoza Ballestas, has expressed concern at the fact but also trusted the police to find those responsible for these events sooner rather than later.
facade of the residence of "The Black" Eight Molinares the December quarter, farmer who is being blackmailed by a criminal gang on The Hard.


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