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Land Cruiser Truck collides head-on tractor-trailer into congested urban area. Still, no one was injured.

Many onlookers came to the site after the shocking crash in the area of \u200b\u200bTres Esquinas, one of the most critical for mobility in the difficult.

After experiencing a mechanical failure in the slope The steepest difficult, at the intersection of Commerce Street to the Tres Esquinas sector, a truck collided head on with a tractor-trailer, no casualties but causing a scare among those passing through the congested urban area.

The stakes vehicle, license plate 594 of Aracataca GOB-owned livestock José Mario Álvarez Montes, was driven by his bodyguard, Omar de Jesus Martinez Molina, who apparently lost his brakes while descending the steep hill heading for the northern sector of the Hard on the main road.

The Land Cruiser struck the left side of tractor GDC plate 524, which was moving a container from the port of Cartagena into the country, which bystanders said was fortunate, because otherwise, it would " sweep with a good amount of mototaxistas that usually parked next to a place known as "Piedras de Mejía."

Several components of the van were embedded and twisted iron under the trailer of the tractor-trailer after it ripped a gash in one of the spare tire vehicle load and make it stop start unexpectedly.

"I went down quietly, suddenly the brakes failed me, and even if I tried I could not maneuver because the van picked up a tremendous speed, "said caused the accident while being treated at local hospital.

According to the doctor, Omar de Jesus Martinez Molina, "did not present any injury but a slight shock will not bring serious damage to the neurological level. " Shortly after he was discharged in the middle of police custody, in order to render the releases for the event.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, Rafael Sarmiento, 60 years of age and a native of Bogota, was surprised by the incident and called on local authorities to pay more attention on this step required by The urban sector is difficult, because according to him, is not the first time the "mules" are facing problems due to congested traffic and pedestrian carelessness.

"The only thing missing was this: if we are shocked at the height of the cabin, we were not casting the story," said the interioranos still nervous.

Terrible ZONE

The slope where the incident occurred, dubbed by some as the "Loma de Mejía" or "Loma de Salvita Gomez, has been in the past silent witness to fatal accidents. Most of them have ended with the death of bystanders after being crushed by cars that have experienced mechanical failures as they descended.

Although Ariguaní City Hall has chosen a new place to move the vehicle fleet has been installed there, in turn causing traffic congestion and passengers, residents of The Hard wish to take steps in advance to avoid a worse tragedy.

Some citizens called for warning signs forcing drivers to go down with heavy changes since he has not missed swift transit of the hill "as if it was Formula 1 track," as Moses said it Moscote Gil, president of the NGO Corpocívica.

As remnants of the sound and these cans were strong impact twisted the truck driven by Omar de Jesús Martínez Molina.


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