Friday, March 25, 2011

Replacing A Closet Flange

Promise me you'll be free ... Jorge Molist

Editorial: Today's Topics
Language: Castilian
Issue No.: 1
Release Date: 03-2011
Binding: Hardcover
Size: 23 x 15 cm. 768 pages

One morning in 1484, a pirate hat Llafranc raided the village. Ramon Serra dies defending his family, but can not prevent his wife and daughter are kidnapped. In his agony he asks her twelve years: "Promise me you'll be free."

When her family, Joan, along with his younger brother travels to Barcelona. There he worked as an apprentice in the library of the runs, which come to love as their new parents. These are troubled times and the bookseller is burned along with his wife at the stake by the Inquisition for defending precisely that reading is free. The new loss

Joan reaffirms its three fervent wishes, to rescue his family back to his beloved married in Italy and become a bookseller, but, accused of killing a man will be condemned to row in galleys aboard ship Admiral Bernat VilamarĂ­ feared.

Sardinia, Sicily, Naples, Rome and Genoa will be the stage of his odyssey. Participates as a galley slave and gunner in several battles, meets extraordinary characters, becomes involved in intrigue, and fighting desperately for his love and his promise.

Promise me you'll be free is the story of a child, beaten by the tragedy, overcome difficulties and left his humble thanks to the teachings of the most unlikely of teachers, their determination to learn and her courage.
After the success of The Ring and The Hidden Queen, Jorge Molist immerses us in his new work in the fascinating world of the Renaissance through a documented story about love, passion, revenge, fear, courage and books.


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