Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Standard Confidentiality Clause


By: Jose Felix Lafaurie Rivera Special
In-ridden departments criminal gangs round a dead calm, tempered by the strong military presence, star of exception, the upsurge in crime. Two years at most, were enough to see bloom a complex crime, which feeds their ranks with mercenaries of all pelts. A dangerous trend that has been alien to our neighbors. We said: a faulty process of reintegration, it can be costly to the country. The most serious is that we are wrong course.

organized crime came to life in league with guerrillas, drug trafficking and contract killings, and in tip, with veterans of the paramilitary groups that were submitted for Justice and Peace Law, the tip, with veterans paramilitary groups were subjected to the Law Justice and Peace, because his was not to challenge the state, but wash the resources of narcotics.

That is spoken in the regions where the BACRIM maintain its trail of terror and hot money hand over fist. A strategy that buys authorities, awareness, and social adhesion. And for the sample, the unseemly come from public officials, who forged qualifications of nominees for the alias "knife" or images of the massive burial.

The rising tide of insecurity has gone beyond the outskirts of urban areas. Is in main streets of Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla and Cali. Its urban cells, are making life difficult for traders and businessmen. Robberies, extortion, murder, kidnapping and even killings, which were once exclusive salt in the wound of farmers and agricultural producers, there are a few blocks from the municipal offices.

The sentence: BACRIM fight. But the issue is not only suppress and prosecute. After all, our accusatory system is leaking. More delay our forces in apprehending offenders, that judges freed. We need to purge the local institutions, where the phenomenon has become entrenched.

instances where a decision does not move on land, justice or employment, not to mediate the corruption that feeds millions of BACRIM drug. This is a topic that has become common knowledge in towns and villages, and the secrecy that has had to take the army to make accurate shots at the bandits.

But there's more. It should give you a chance of life to hundreds of youth and adolescents who have become, according to General Naranjo, the target of these groups. Disoriented young recruits, in fields and cities, which are traded for less than $ 400,000, to take over as thugs. It is no secret that poverty round and opportunities are scarce. With an aggravating factor: the ravages of winter and its extension, can exacerbate the social crisis. Investments are needed and needed now, with special anguish in the rural sector.

Finally and, to paraphrase General Naranjo, it is urgent that the State is acting with a firm hand or criminal gangs can "generate a great challenge for the institutions." Sure enough, when militants shows the structure, geographical coverage and barbarity of the BACRIM. But the idea of \u200b\u200bputting them into shape, is closely linked with the "recognition" that make the Government or civil society itself. Any nod winding, could plunge the country to give them a status they do not have.


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