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Bevelled Mirrors Antique


Brochero Karen Judith Macias, popular Queen 2011
After a spectacular night of coronation, tinged beauties, parades, the drums and frenetic enthusiasm of a large mass unrestricted audience, got stamp in the early hours of Tuesday at Mardi Gras celebrations fantasy 2011 in the difficult, the most peaceful in recent years. The

waited more stamina sunlight to continue until the burial of "Joselito", in the midst of parody and the typical mojaciones "despite the continuing lack of water in some areas.

Although the carnival did not have the full official support for the priorities for humanitarian assistance for the last rainy season, the organizing meeting this year could provide an event worthy of any recognition by the high turnout to all the shows and show very little disturbance to the tranquility.

authorities and various media highlighted the successful management by the merchant Wilder González Ruiz, president of the celebrations, as well as the support that it was of central Queens, Yerlis Adriana Peña Arias, youth and Luisa Fernanda Amaya Acosta, in children, as well as King Momo, Alvaro Vásquez de la Hoz.


Considered the most significant event of the main days of revelry in the town, the night of coronation became an amalgam of local and international rhythms that vibrated to the thousands of attendees at the Plaza are Tigre on the Mount.

Complacency spread because the results were expected, especially for the crown obtained by the slender young Brochero Karen Judith Macias, representing the popular rule through neighborhoods Carnival December Eight Zone 1 , El Carmen, Loma Fresca, Brisas de Ariguaní and Horse Association of Ariguaní - Ascari.

addition to its carved figure, Karen Judith Macías Brochero showed grace and was clearly superior to its rivals in the test of artistic talent in front of the jury of the licensed Danith Rodríguez Batista, the folklorist, Erney Ortiz Pacheco, and hotel business, Consuelo Ortiz Parada.

Ana Cristina Aragon Picalúa
As Ana Cristina was chosen Virreina Picalúa Aragon, representing the sector 2 of the neighborhood Eight of December and the club's cap. Although it was not the first place, won for himself the prize for Best Comparsa, after the verdict in this range for graduates Janeth Andrade Pizarro and Javier Viloria Chiquillo, and Itamar Allende Pérez Núñez, president of the Civil Defense Ariguaní.

place in the reign of the popular Princess of Carnival 2011, was named Jessica Martinez Diaz, who represented the district on May 4.

Jessica Martinez of Carnival Princess 2011


days before the queen was chosen Children's popular designation that was awarded to the lucky girl, Mary Jose Benitez Romero, the December quarter Eight-winning turn from the Best Comparsa (Night at the Disco) and Best Float in that category, for his allegory of the traditional dance "are in Black."

The Queen Mother's contest winner was Melissa Fernandez, while the prizes for Best Float in the junior category went to the popular Queen Karen Macias Brochero 2011. The Best Costume award for Kevin fuer Carnaval De Avila Mejía, for his portrayal of character, "Venezuela" novel "Chepe Fortuna."

The Queen Mother of the Carnival 2011 in The Hard, Melissa Fernandez, in the midst of popular sovereignty the former Vera Deyanira Rivera and the president of the carnival, Wilder Gonzalez Ruiz, for the entertainment offered by the farmer Ever Gutiérrez Barrios.
central Queen of Carnival 2011
María José Benítez Romero children's popular queen.

King Momo and The Churrutecos ... Father and son figures to
Recocheras and Sabrosona


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