Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jardine Conversion Rails

minstrel Alma Merino, Ignacio

Cordoba, XI century. Abdu was born the son of the emir and a Christian slave. The child will live in the ovary and her mother, secretly call him Diego. But after six years, as was customary then, will be ejected and thrown into the street. Have to wake up and learn to survive. Beg, sing, recite poems, dance and steal to eat, until one day a Christian named Don Suero will offer to accompany him beyond Muslim border and teach you the art of the minstrels.
So begins the journey of Abdu, or Diego, and learning, both culturally vital, it will be an unfortunate rogue to become a renowned juggler, fight alongside the Cid, learn to heal the wounds and diseases, and Finally, be respected in the court of who was his great love, Queen Urraca. Ignacio Merino offers not only an exciting read, but an accurate portrayal of both the customs and traditions of that era and the cultural renaissance that took place in the Peninsula at the time of the protagonist.


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