Saturday, February 28, 2009

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The 12 steps to healing

The 12 steps are a powerful tool for transcending the addictions and other compulsive behavior typical of the human ego. Originally created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous for use exclusively in their recovery program. I receive from my Higher Self, "the 12 steps were inspired by the Ascended Host to give people a platform to overcome the human ego own habits.

The 12 steps were so successful that within a few decades began to be used by support groups who were not alcoholics. Each group began to meet your personal needs and created what is called "Communities of 12 steps."

was how communities were created as "NA" for those addicted to illegal drugs, "Neurotics Anonymous", to resolve emotional problems and help others to recover from Neurosis, "Debtors Anonymous, to recover of compulsive spending and debt, "Luxurious Anonymous "and" Addicted to Sex and Love Anonymous ", created to recover from sexual dependence although in different areas," Emotions Anonymous ", created for people to recover from depression, anger, difficulty in relationships with others , pain, anxiety, low self-esteem, feelings of panic, irrational fears, resentment, jealousy, guilt, despair, exhaustion, stress, boredom, loneliness, obsession, negativity, worry, compulsive behavior and other symptoms of emotional distress.

Given the above, I can conclude that the 12-step program really works and has helped millions of people around the world to heal their psychological aspects unresolved.

How healthy 12-step program?
The most important reason why the 12-step program that works is done in community. It's really hard to make this program work when a person decides to do it alone. For example, an alcoholic, a sex addict or food can heal faster when you discover you are not alone, that there are others like him suffer and cry in silence the problem. When the person realizes that others with similar difficulties dare to tell their stories without shame, he is identified with what you have and are encouraged to do the same.

When a person has or expresses the blockages in their psychology dropping a heavy weight, it feels light and free. The key is that the public hear what you demonstrate that you love and accept him despite what he has told, that will not reproach or criticize him, contrary to congratulate him and applaud him for having the courage to trust them and express their wounds, that is Community.

Keep in mind that you're not going to heal their psychological problems with only counted once. It is true that since the first time feel peace and rest, but most of the time needs to keep counting and delving into its history, unlocking the hidden pain they have saved for years to achieve true healing. When healthy?

When one speaks of what he is ashamed and realizes that his companions were not critical but congratulate him for his courage, you begin to heal from the acceptance and esteem. Many people decide to overcome an addiction or psychological block from self-criticism or self-condemnation. That never leads to true healing but a dangerous state of repression.

true healing is love and this part of love and accept as it is at that moment, that's self-esteem and self-esteem provides the fuel needed for a real change from within. When one loves as it is, is motivated to change More and be accepted for one, often requires a group of people who show you they love it and accept it, then start healing. It complements the work

The twelve steps are very powerful but often not sufficient by themselves. The problem is that the 12 steps do not necessarily lead us to find the root cause of our addiction or neurosis. Many of our psychological blocks have sprung up in our childhood, in the womb or in previous lives. I recommend to those who have begun the work of the 12 steps to complement it with Alfaterapia or psychotherapy.

The Alfaterapia technique is given by the Ascended Host. This helps us get in states of deep meditation where the Holy Spirit can show us the causes of our blocks. Sometimes the Holy Spirit leads us to past lives and shows us scenes of childhood. After seeing them understand the essence of our current psychological problems, forgive, love and transcend our difficulties.

Psychotherapy helps us understand how and when our attitudes and beliefs have caused our problems. A psychotherapist is someone who helps you see the plank in your own eye. He leads you to a comprehensive understanding of your troubles and shows you the path to healing. Ask your Higher-Presence I AM, to take you to a psychotherapist appropriate, that it is inspired by God to help you heal. There are psychologists and psychiatrists who do their work from the heart and may not lead you anywhere. If you trust your health to God, He will show you the right person.

spiritual tools (prayer, yoga, mantras) are essential in the healing process. I highly recommend the page of Mother Maria, there is are the New Age Rosaries, which are a powerful tool for healing of soul and of Being page:


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