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Adult Lacrosse Club California


By Mark Prophet. [Source: The Lost Teachings of Jesus - Chapter 1 - Vol I, pages 61 - 62 and 63]

does not take long to remove the mask in "Halloween" or a costume ball, right? Everyone cries, "Surprise! First of all, if we are to remove a mask, we have to remove it from below. So what going to expose? In this case, we see that there is something real in us. There is also unrealistic. And the sooner you discover and become aware of it and learn to distinguish, the sooner we return to the light. Why is it important to you to separate the difference? Because otherwise we will be feeding the mask and leaving hungry real man.

We do a lot for the mask, as we see when we travel around and look at the fortunes they amass people like Helena Rubinstein, Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, and other famous cosmetologists living lavishly at the expense of the idea of \u200b\u200bcreating a glowing halo for females.

seem to have forgotten about us men and all we get is that aftershave. But we also have our masks, ladies, I assure you! Both men and women have the mask of human consciousness and spent much time and energy creating these masks, which we are now deciding to take away.

Someone may say: "Why should I?" I've been indulging my ego all these years why stop now? ".

Well, there are many good reasons to do so. The main thing is that we must learn to overcome the illusion because it word in front of her disease. Do you know what that means? Mean disease! The mask is sick that people are sick, because it is a fabrication!

The masquerade in which humans are like

We are all somewhat taken aback when we see the bearded rebels are increasing in California and across the country, men who resent these times. They rebel against the kind of life we \u200b\u200bcall conformity and they practice what we call the non-conformity.

We need to understand these people. They are not as bad as they seem. Are wearing a mask and are fed up with false the world, therefore, put another mask. Some of them look like Santa Claus and others to the prophet Amos. But either way (and we can laugh at them if you want), all part of the masquerade in which human beings are like. And we do frequently. In fact, many times, we even deceive ourselves.

I remember the representative of "American Express" was in my hometown. He told me once: "O you behave properly, or I miss the street." Well, this is very true! More sooner or later you'll find yourself bumping into the same mask you have created, only to be in the face of some another. It is the way the law works: the cognate attract and, therefore, in the caricature masks of others, you begin to recognize some of your own eccentricities. Because, you know that you can never see you in the mirror as they really are.

now examine the graph of your real self. This will tell you how are you if apr endéis to interpret. This is the area of \u200b\u200bthe mask (figure below), below the human level. There masquerade up here (at the height of your I AM Presence). And there is no farce here in your Holy Christ Self (the middle figure). The unreality of life are all focused on the human below.

never find any unreality in your real self and not ever find anything artificial in God. But we usually fool ourselves. We are very soft on hard times ourselves and our neighbors.

Did I ever tell you what happened in New York when he was talking in one of the finest houses there? A lady approached me and said: "I wish to speak to you privately, if I may." And I wanted to be polite I said, "Of course." We went to a corner of the room and she told another woman and said: "Do you see that woman over there?" And I said, "Yes." She said, "Well, this woman is a terrible woman." I said, "Why?" She replied, "Because it takes mascara!" Mascara! And this lady had completely smeared eyes! this really happened to me. I could not believe I did not know whether to laugh or mourn.

The Scots have an old saying in these cases. He says: "We are always willing to remove the mask to another, but we are leaving our firmly ironed on our face." So the mask is made of mascara and painting, papier mache, and even plastic surgery and masked parade down Fifth Avenue with their costumes in a parade with "Halloween" at midnight. Only it is noon on Broadway and they are very serious.


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