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The foundations of a true Community

With my experience in like-for Community Grace of God to make known what are the components of a true community. These components are consciously or unconsciously in most communities. I will now relate:

1. Principles

We can only succeed over the long term as a community and as individuals if we focus our lives around principles. The principles are accepted norms of action, conduct or behavior. We are a reference to know what are the requirements and obligations of proper conduct. They are based on natural laws and are above the cultural or religious. They are universal and guiding moral behavior for centuries.

Instinctively trust people whose lives are based on principles. We recognize as models for those who refuse to compromise their principles in exchange for personal or collective gains. In his presence we find stability and clarity of vision gives us confidence.

Of the many principles that exist, we have chosen four that we consider it vital that our community embodies and efficient to keep it alive through the ages. After each principle there are some simple behavioral statements that express how a person who has internalized the principle. We take these statements as role models who embody to belong to the Community:

Treatment of others as I hope you treat me: with respect, love and sincerity. When someone is expressing their weaknesses, I avoid glances, gestures, or laughter that could hurt their susceptibility.
'm trustworthy, honest and honorable in all my relationships and actions. I honor God in all the world. Keep it to myself all I hear within the Community. I avoid gossip and malicious comments, inside and outside of it.
love and acceptance:
Whether or not you can understand the attitudes and actions that other states, I give my love and unconditional acceptance. I avoid judging, criticizing, or lecturing to my sisters or brothers who confess behavior. I congratulate them and show them my love and acceptance for trusting me.
sincere and honest I am exposing my ego. I have no fear of exposing my weaknesses publicly, each of which I hear is something like that inside. My colleagues are spiritually mature people only give me love and acceptance in return.

2. Inclusion, compromise and consensus

The Community is inclusive, its doors remain open to welcome people of any religion, race or occupation.

No one should enter under pressure or get along with someone else.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to do so and commit to comply with the principles that govern our community. To enter it is necessary to take the vows publicly. For example:

I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. I want to belong to this community to heal and be healed by love. Humbly and heart, I pledge before God and each of you to take the vows of Respect, Honor, love and acceptance, and honesty. I declare that I have studied these votes, I am aware of the implications and judiciously will practice every day.

very important thing here is to clarify that no member, before or after have taken the votes, is required or can be pressed to express their weaknesses in public. Everyone can express themselves freely belong and when deemed necessary and appropriate. Commitment

is the duty of the members help to sustain and expand the Community. After each session is a gathering for this purpose. No person can be considered a member of the Community but is committed to help in any way. Each has its special gifts that have been given by God, the community thrives and grows through them. The gifts of each are offering to put before the Buda Community.

Consensus Decisions Community are taken by consensus. We are not friends of autocracies or boards. In the Community may have leaders who promote ideas and projects, but these should not act without having first shared with members.

3. Structuring

Communities are not friends of the total structure, we do not accept straitjackets that require us to act in a certain way. However, we recognize that you need a minimum order not to fall into chaos.

We have no hierarchy, we are a community that supports horizontal vertical relationship with God. To avoid hierarchies subtly taking over the Community accept three basic shapes:

The coordinator (s): Each session of the Community will be coordinated by one member who is responsible for site preparations, serve a drink (when possible) and prepare a reading that is connected on the subject of community. Reading should not take more than ten minutes after it begins a discussion group where members share their opinions and views and experiences. This creates the right environment for people to express themselves freely. The coordinators are rotated every week.

the godfather or godmother: Every member belonging to the Community can be a sponsor of the new people arriving. Its role is to guide applicants of the benefits and duties involving the Community. It is desirable that as sponsors have a private meeting with the candidates before they participate in a meeting. After the candidate to become part of the Community, the godfather or godmother will continue to monitor to guide and support within it.

Treasurer: This is the person responsible for keeping the funds collected by the Community. Each session includes an offering that will be used for the maintenance and expansion. The treasurer is chosen democratically and may be removed when the Community or he deems appropriate. It is your duty to publish the income and Community expenditure in a conspicuous place after each session.


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