Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best Way To Clean A Dog Tag

El Dorado Excellent quality and price

Build quality is the same for all drawers : from economic models to more sophisticated. Keep in mind that the sound you get with a hardwood box, unlike the Guatambú plywood is much more warm and natural harmonic vibration free more subtle.

Guatambú multilayered Top: raw Guatambú
4mm Finish: polyurethane varnish sealer +
Support base: 4 hard rubber ferrules (9mm) securely bolted

  • internal system of strings (in the form of VV, separated from the center of the drawer):
  • Dye your choice (out) + sealer +
  • polyurethane varnish stain election (inside and out) + + polyurethane paint sealant
  • Guatambú raw cover 4mm + dye
  • choice raw
  • Guatambú cover 3mm + double sheet of wood veneer 0.7mm (subject to availability)
in hardwood MODELS:
Upon request and subject availability in the market.
(budget request in advance)

(+54 ° 11) 15.6727.4399


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