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We will build Community (Part I) Changes in the blog

Community, as its name implies, translates: Common Unit can be only community when a group of women and men who share a real drive from the heart. That does not mean that everyone should be the same or think the same way. The magic of the Community are the differences of personality, ideas and experiences. Such diversity is the power of community. The real learning communities to celebrate the differences and use these to enrich everyone.

In today's world community speaks volumes. Often speaks of the neighborhood community "A" community of the Church "B" or community of the village "C". Actually those are not communities, are simply groups of people.

Communities differ entirely true of the groups. In groups, despite fighting for a common goal, there is an individuality in the background. In the Communities is a true friendship between each of its members. No one feels or think they are better or worse than others. All contribute in some way for the community to grow. Honesty and trust are the pillars that supports the entire structure. Unconditional Love is the air we breathe inside.

Great Masters who have come to Earth knew this, they are aware unique power of the community to heal and elevate men and women. That was why the Buddha founded the Sangha. He established a Community without hierarchy, a community where there was room for the monks and nuns publicly express their weaknesses without being judged. Unfortunately, years after his departure, his followers betrayed the principles of the Sangha and ended up with the Buddhist religion.

Likewise, Jesus came to Earth to create a community to provide people with the components to achieve Christhood. According to the Bible, Jesus never founded a church restrictive and dogmatic. The Master's love was always recognized and caused scandal confronting the representatives of the spiritual elite in Israel. Face an "elite controller to put another in its place? According to the Gospels, Jesus said:

"You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church."

The New Testament Greek version of the exact word used by Jesus was "ekklesia" which means "community." What did Jesus really was to inspire a community of men and women whose sole purpose was to get the Christ consciousness that it had achieved. Needless

also noted that his community was betrayed by some church fathers who gave bribes or threats to Emperor Constantine to destroy the very community and create a dogmatic religion.

Communities heal and heal the soul. Communities provide a formidable platform for individual spiritual growth and thus the group. Communities are places where people feel safe because they are loved and accepted them as they are.
Community center is God, who dwells in all participants and healthy and is healed by love. But it is not any love. This is the true love that transcends the barriers of the human personality, which extends to the other to heal.


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