Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sonicare With Quad Pacer And Battery

! Welcome to Community of Love! Overcoming

Beloved, it is time to open the Sangha (community) of Buddha on the Internet. Gautama Buddha has commissioned me to create a blog that allows browsers to expose your ego and healing through unconditional love. This blog is designed specifically for people to feel free to be honest and show what they are.

show as they are means recognizing His divine identity as extensions of God, and at the same time expose the impostor (the ego) who will not ever be exposed in any way. The ego was created by us as a program that is designed to act and control from the shadows, it is not designed to be exposed in public.

This Blog is a community of 12 steps, but it is much more than that, is a platform for healing and detachment. Welcome to the Sangha of the Buddha, Welcome to the Community of Christ! Where we show you and let our light shine in the shadows to be consumed by the love of Buddha.

I suggest you do not use pseudonyms to appear on the blog, since that is a way of perpetuating the mask. I suggest you be honest if you want healing.

Gautama Buddha says today, 21 February:

Beloved, I invite you to sit in front of the fire of compassion. More than two thousand years that created the Sangha. It was a community where people were going to expose weaknesses in public and in return received only love and compassion. People were healed through love and acceptance.

I assure you that today is no different. Perhaps you do not have a bonfire in front but a computer. But the fire is there, the fire of Love is where you can download all their weights, where it can shed their masks. I Buddha, love and accept as they are, but I expect more of what they are today. But how can be more if you have not even known what they are today?

Beloved, my true community was betrayed and turned into a simple ritual for thousands of years. Today that community is reborn as the lotus flower was reborn in the heart of the initiate.

Welcome to the Sangha of the Buddha, the ritual will not move away from the faithful and true purpose. Beloved, you are more than a mere mortal, you are a God who has come to rise and raise the Earth. But that must first recognize the ego that have created and let it go. Just removing the mask may reveal the God within you.

loves them and opens the doors of my Sangha, Buddha Gautama



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