Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pokemon Games That You Can Save And Play Agian

The Porcupine, A fable about Taking off the Mask

During the ice age, many animals died because of cold.

Porcupines, perceiving this situation, agreed to live in groups and were given shelter and protect each other.

But the spines of each wounded to the nearest neighbors, precisely those that provide heat. And, therefore, be separated from each other. Again

again feel cold and had to make a decision: either disappear from the face of the earth, or accept the thorns of its neighbors. With wisdom, decided to return and live together.

and learned to live with the small wounds that a closer relationship could lead them, because what really mattered was the heat of the other and ... survived.

Reflection: In a true community learn to accept others and live with their thorns. A false community prefers to keep a distance from the spines of others, even if it means also losing the opportunity to feel the heat.


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