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Quotes For 25th Birthday

Community masks

The positive thinking movement has spread throughout the modern world in a dizzying. Each day more and more popular books and speakers that we are overwhelmed with all that positive theory of man. Tell us that we must speak of us in positive terms and that we must deny our negative aspects.

People who claim to be positive at all eventually refuse themselves. Undesirable deny the personality (ego) and send it to the shadows of the unconscious. Paradoxically, this gives more power to the ego, because in that moment he controlled without noticing. Since we are not willing to recognize that exists in our life, can manage our lives from the shadows of self-deception.

Speakers of positive thinking appeal to deny all parts of ourselves that we dislike. If you have anger saying, "I am love, lust if they say" I'm purity. " This at first generated some positive changes that are apparent in our lives, we begin to feel more love, more peace, etc. What people do not realize is that when denied that part of themselves that they wish to transcend back sent to a ditch that eventually will be filled. Positive affirmations are very powerful if used properly (that I discuss in another article.)

Compare this with a pressure cooker if you do not give to escape the pressure that exists inside the pot, nothing happens at first, but after some time there will be a big explosion and all the food will be scattered around the kitchen . So are we when we deny the anger, envy, lust, etc. At the moment everything seems fine, but sooner or later all those pent-up feelings explode and only then can we recognize ourselves.
To transcend a negative aspect of us, The first thing to do is recognize that there is, it's there, like it or not. At that point we begin to heal our personal psychology.

We recognize that part of us that we do not like and therefore have refused. Only by doing so we can apply the old phrase used by the Greeks: "Man, know thyself." Knowing yourself involves both recognize our Divine identity, our pure essence, to recognize our shadow or create undesirable. Only when we embrace these two aspects of our life we \u200b\u200bcan identify with the first and the second drop.

always remember that we are divine beings, pure spirits descended from God, but that does not lead us to deny our weaknesses and ego, on the contrary, that the divine identity that we strengthen us to be more honest and unmask the impostor.
How a spiritual teaching helps us to strengthen our masks

Metaphysics has been one of the forerunners of positive thinking in the world. I'm here to say that much of the teaching of metaphysics is wrong. I am grateful to this movement as many people awoke to the knowledge of spirituality. But if you get stuck, you can become a trap that stagnate your spiritual growth. Metaphysics teaches us to deny the shadow, and that does not allow us to transcend the aspects of it to heal, only teaches us to suppress.

There's an old adage: "What you look away and what you resist persists." Metaphysics teaches us to resist the ego. In contrast, when we look at the full extent we understand their modus operandi and it starts to disappear. Does not hide, really disappears. The beloved Babaji has given us a dictation tale about self-recognition (1), it gives us a very valuable exercise to begin to take our shadow in order to transcend it. Most students have not been willing to do this exercise because collapse the false image they have of themselves.

Mark Prophet had that once gave a lecture attended by some ladies of the metaphysical movement. Account at the end of the conference women were terrified with the idea that we might have a human ego. They just were not prepared to acknowledge their ego. Beings that makes us extremely hypocritical and false.

There's an old joke about the subject at hand, on one occasion were found in hell a Catholic priest, a rabbi and a metaphysician. The priest asks the rabbi - "Why are you here in hell?". The rabbi replied: - "I ate a lot of pork." In turn, the rabbi asks the priest returns and this response: - "I used to sleep with girls and the church I demanded chastity." Then the two friends look at the metaphysical and ask: - "And you, why in the hell are you?". The metaphysical and proclaims the look scornfully: - "I'm not in hell."

Well, I brought this subject up because the hypocrisy that has generated positive thinking is one of the cancers that do not allow the creation of the spiritual community. People who go to the groups are so engrossed in the idea that they must deny their faults to themselves and to others that charge a very thick skin and superficial. Have come to believe that they are the mask and refuse to acknowledge their own shadow.

Now, it is very important to understand that when I talk to recognize the ego, I'm not saying that we accept as permanent. The ego is unreal from the point of view of God, the ego is something ephemeral that may die. The only real thing we have is our divine identity-the I AM we are. We should not accept anything less than God as something permanent. Recognize the ego not accept, recognize the ego is to know it's there and understand how it works. When we do this with the awareness that we are divine beings, the ego can die.

The purpose of this blog is that we recognize and expose the ego publicly, without fear. We can do it with full consciousness that God will heal us whenever we're honest and we recognize how, when and where we failed.

A big hug comrades of the Divine Spirit.



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