Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arabic Saying For Birthday

About Us

We are a spiritual community inspired by the Ascended Masters. We are the Sangha of the Buddha, are the Community of Christ. We have come to heal and help others to heal through love and unconditional acceptance.

Knowing that the 12-step program was inspired by the same teachers that guide us now, we decided to retake them and give them a broader perspective based on our current spiritual understanding.

Our Community, like many others that have preceded us, has taken the 12 steps as a tool for heal and transcend our problems. We recognize the courage of those who have come together to heal alcoholism, drug addiction, neurosis, lust, addiction to food, etc. We know that these things are just aspects of the human ego, which, through its many facets is to avoid that we identify with God and be honest.

That's why our community, the Sangha of the Buddha in the inner, is a community made up of women and men who know that we are extensions of God and that is our true identity, but at the same time we recognize that as individuals we wrong and we are here to heal through love, of unconditional love.

It is a challenge for us to learn to love and accept those with defects that can not comprehend. Maybe we can not understand how someone can take your paycheck and spend it on alcohol but leave his family without food, we may not understand the lust you spend your time and money for sex, we may not understand many things, but we ask God to help us accept and give unconditional love.

Our role is not to criticize or reject behaviors that others express, our only role is to listen respectfully and love, love to our love comes into contact with your heart and heal what you do not understand, but we know that does not look terrible this person is a "sinner."

always keep immaculate conception and we know that that person is God who has come to experience the aspects of human consciousness. So respect to that God who is there exposing his ego, showing his wounds. We must never make gestures, grimaces, looks, laughs and comments that may offend our brother or sister when you are expressing. That could damage all the work and led him to hide back into his turtle shell causing further damage.

We are instruments of God, we are instruments of love. Love heals, love that moves mountains of pain. That pain remains hidden as wounds. We know that injuries can not remain always covered as this will not heal. Only by exposing them to air and light healing. So we should not fear, it is our duty to expose ourselves and let those wounds have healed by the balm unique unconditional love is a fellowship of men and women willing to be More


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