Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Panels For Enclosed Trailers

A message of Gautama Buddha's followers Blog

Beloved of my heart, I, Gautama Buddha, I'm really full of love and happiness to feel the honesty with which you expose aspects of the ego. This is truly the rebirth of the Sangha of the Buddha that had been betrayed long ago to turn it into a repetitive ritual. I can only feel love and happiness to meet Buddha pure spirits (you) who want to strip the mask.

Remember that you are not why you expose, ye are not the ego, you are much more than that. Does it make sense then embarrassed by the misdeeds of an ego that is unrealistic in nature? Truly, I say no. You are an extension of God, a pure spirit who has never done anything wrong. At some point you have allowed the ego to take control of your life and commit their crimes, but again I say unto you that ye are not ego. So fear not expose to expose the sham and true to the Sangha of the Buddha and his chelas.

And if anyone is shocked by the comments in here, let him or her with their hypocrisy that lets you see the beam in your own eye. Let go of my Sangha! Because I will reserve this sacred place, this meeting place for the honest saint and the pure of heart.

Purity of heart is what we, The Ascended Masters and the Buddhas, we look in the chelas. Purity of heart is not measured by the number of rituals you do or how many "sins" Let's commit. Purity of heart is measured by the pure intention of serving God. Many people who are stunned by their defects are unaware of their purity of heart in their beings and condemned without mercy. Beloved if I do not judge you Who are you to judge you yourselves? Let go and this self-condemnation and come to self realization that you are God and that ego that you are presenting is just a mask that you used.

I love you and accept you as you are,

The Buddha I AM. ---

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