Monday, March 9, 2009

How Long Can An Anorexic Survive ?

2. Came to believe that God, a power that lies within ourselves could restore us to sanity and stability

Hello comrades travel, this is the second step. The idea is that we continue with our comments here, after having studied the passage and be willing to give. If someone is going to place a comment for the first time do so here. The order of the steps is not so important, then repeat the cycle. I recommend reading the article immediately preceding this before proceeding. Welcome to the second step and later.

God as we understand it, is the powerful force of love that sustains the cosmos. God is the supreme consciousness all-encompassing, therefore, we are part of this God. We own extensions, we are not separate part of the One God decided to move a material experience. We are spiritual beings universal use a physical body to move and learn in this school on earth.

But we are not a body! Neither are the sum of our faults. We are much more than that. We are energy, are light, we are God. Now, the God that we are in our pure state contains the perfect patterns of our identity. At some point we decide to move away from these patterns and then create an ego.

So the supreme God that lies within us is able to free ourselves of false beliefs and habits to make imperfect regain sanity and stability. What
is the sanity? Is to be whole in God. We lose our sanity when we believe then we split apart and within ourselves. Sometimes we go in one direction and then another. Sanity is the ability to sustain the consciousness of Unity. Stability for its part, is the ability to sustain entrenched in the divine consciousness and not be affected by the dualities of life.

If we need to regain sanity and stability is because we have lost. Through the years, we have often swum against the River of Life that is God and we finished about to drown. We have become full of problems to the neck. Debts have oppressed us, sex or anger have reached become unmanageable. We hurt others by our attitude. All that we have created has returned to us multiplied and now experience life as an enormous weight. All this can only be the result of something we have lost the sanity and stability.

Maybe some of us to escape momentarily from our human creations we have taken refuge in sex, alcohol or some kind of addiction. We may have become addicted to feel better than others, addicted to the victim believe us, think "poor me" addicted to respond with anger, addicted to obtain intellectual property or materials, addicted to making life miserable for others through our jealousy compulsive, addicted to humiliate or control others, addicts to be ironic to hurt others, addicted to depression, to television, we can be addicted to many things and use the addiction to avoid the larger problem that we have lost sanity and stability.

Maybe pretend to society that we are sane, but sometimes in the intimacy of our house we act irrationally with ourselves or our loved ones. That is not wisdom, that's worse, it means that we have a double life. We are in the street light and darkness in the house. This dual personality is one of the most dangerous forms of madness.
However, despite our irrational behavior, we want that for some mysterious reason, perhaps magical, things will change, that our life will improve at some point. Then we took refuge in prayer and ask God to change our lives. We leave all the responsibility on their hands and keep repeating the same old patterns of behavior and thought.

Dear friends, let's face it, God will change our lives if we do not change our way of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting. Why? For we are God, we are an extension of yours. Therefore we can not act the wrong way and wait for an external God save us because if. We must discard the false beliefs and start to create a true internal change that external conditions may change.

Our life is a movie. We're the writer, director and actor. The display is life itself, is a modern four-dimensional screen that Sony has not even been created. Well, if life is a movie, where is the projection room? We look at every side and not see it ... As it is in our head! Yes! Our beliefs, ideas and emotions make the movie we live daily.

If you do not like the movie does not have to stay watching lifetime. Stop complaining because of what you have to live, thou hast created. But still, every morning you wake up, being the God you are, you have a blank page of a new day. You can write that chapter of the film is entirely different. But no, you can choose to continue with the same thoughts of yesterday, with the same emotions jumbled previous day, with the same bitterness of the previous day, with the same words, the same acts and the same relationship the day before, But Nevertheless expect that by the mere fact pray your life change! That's crazy, according to Einstein, insanity is to continue acting the same way and expecting different results.

To regain sanity and leave the insanity that has caused us many problems we must turn to God. Only He can help us and that is our true identity. But God alone can help us if we help each other sincerely. Otherwise we will continue with our crazy, with the difference that now we can blame God for our problems and ask him to save us from this situation and he allegedly "did nothing". Or maybe it's easier to believe that God does not exist or simply can not do anything for us.


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