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1. We admitted we were powerless over the behavior and dysfunction of the ego - that our lives had become unmanageable had.

This is the first step to wholeness. Accept and recognize our mistakes. Our addictions and dysfunctions are the sum of what we call the human ego, that is, the fictitious identity that is usurping our true identity in God.

If reuhimos the ego and pretend does not exist, this is not going away. On the contrary it will strengthen as it can operate freely from the shadows. The ego loves not believe in it, so we can control more easily. Recognize the ego

Acepar not mean a permanent reality, we must recognize it as a false identity and ephemeral, but we must also accept that we have identified with it and we have allowed to control certain aspects of our lives. The only way to begin to defeat is recognized.

We must be humble enough to recognize that, despite having studied spiritual teachings for decades, having prayed and meditated for hours, having read books and attended many conferences and seminars, there are aspects of our lives that still continue today unmanageable.

admit defeat in certain aspects of our life is not easy. And even less when we fed human pride that tells us we are better than others. Admitting defeat can be very painful, but necessary and essential.

When we admit defeat in terms of lust, anger, alcohol or drugs are not defined to accept a defeat. Simply we are humble and recognize that the battle we have fought so far have lost. That does not mean we have to be slaves forever the defect, then there is a way to heal and it is through the judicious application of the 12 steps within the Community.

there a rule that says we can not heal what you do not recognize that it exists. For the Divine Light can cure our faults, we must leave it to penetrate through the cracks in our unconscious, so we must be honest with ourselves and admit our own weaknesses.

no longer need to deceive ourselves by pretending we do not have this or that defect, still less can we justify our weaknesses of character with human or intellectual excuses.

OK to have weaknesses not accept that we are hopeless sinners. We understand that we are extensions of the one God and in the process of experimenting in the realms of matter made mistakes. Errors are only experiments which we learn. God created us with free will and He knew we were going to make mistakes. Slips are part of the original Divine Plan for us not to stay in them, but to learn valuable lessons and lift being
Some extensions of God are ready to learn from their mistakes while others need to crash into their own creations many times before they begin to comprehend. The important thing when we take the step 1 is to remember that we are more than the defect and give thanks for all the things we've learned from him. Our fault has been a valuable teacher who taught us what not to do and now we get ready to get over it and leave it behind.


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