Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Step 3. We decided to turn our will and our lives over to God, seeing it as our true identity.

Our will is the will of God, since we are One in Him when we feel that our will is contrary to God means that we are acting from the lower will the ego.

turn our will and our lives over to God means giving up the expectations and plans that the ego has for us. Means to pay these human desires and say as the prophet Isaiah: "Here I am Lord, send me."

When we give our human will to the Supreme Will and prefect of God we will be really happy. God does not want anything bad to us, so his will not make us suffer, can only lead us to learn and be More

God's Will is the force that holds the cosmos in a perfect manner. Makes each flower grow properly and that each star is kept in its orbit. How could that Will be harmful to us? If it hurts us to surrender to the Will of God is because we cling to the fears and beliefs of the human ego.

The ego makes us believe that we are incomplete and need many external things to survive in the material universe. The truth is that the ego does not know anything because she has never met or will meet, let alone God's Will.

The Will of God is to learn from each situation and cultivate wisdom and Divine. We should not complain or hate us for our mistakes and their consequences, we simply must learn the lesson and move forward with joy and peace. The Will of God is good, deliver it only attracts blessings in our lives.

When we give our life over to God we are allowing it to manifest and help us to heal and transcend our shortcomings, our addictions and weaknesses. Our life is an extension God, why should we use it to live against the same God? When we do so we can only reap misery and suffering.

We are here today because we got tired of harvesting this suffering and we want to start a new day, re-creating our destiny. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. What we are today is the result of past decisions. We are ready to improve those decisions and build a better now and a better tomorrow.

to care of God is nothing to return to our Eternal Source and flow with it. When we do things the human way we are building on sand and glamorous to be our creation or later early fade bringing us pain and suffering. To stop suffering harvest that we must begin to create God's way: with love, wisdom and good will.

give up what we think we are-the ego and give ourselves completely to God who dwells within us, the God who we are. Re-alineémonos to that Will and that wonderful identity that was created in the image and likeness of the One God.

When we practice this way we do with the awareness that God and only God can bring us the happiness we crave. Surrendering to God's hands we are ensuring our healing and therefore, we approach provides the integrity to know that we are One with Him

If we sit here is because we have an ego and one or more aspects of the ego that does not allow us to obtain the integrity of God. And if we live like this is because we used the human will to create these conditions. Are you not our human will is wrong and we should let go? A good substitute for that is lower will accept and become one with the Will of God that is our real and only supreme Will.

surrender to the will of God means giving up everything that we think we should be, and sincerely ask God what is His plan for us. If we adjust to the divine plan can only be happy Of course! time will have to experience pain, but will only be to learn from it and move on to be better than they were. Pain is a gateway to happiness when I realize thanking and blessing by the experience that has been given.

Meet the Will of God is to stop being the ego or pretending we are not and start to really be ourselves, namely God.


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