Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Step 4. We did a thorough fearless moral inventory of ourselves

This step leads us to practice the maxim of Jesus that says we should be able to see the beam in our own eye. The beam in our eye is the ego. For us it is easy to see the ego in others, we might even make a list of defects from a friend very easily. But that list would do for ourselves?

The moral inventory is a list of blocks that keep us fully express God. The purpose of the list is becoming aware of the way that we still have to go. We do list by putting our weaknesses in order from highest to lowest.

First on the list should be our biggest block, our greatest failing. Next we must make a personal psychological work in which we find the cause of this defect and we can understand how you act, as manifested in our lives. To do that we must carefully study and practice Key 2 of the book "The 7 Keys to spiritual awakening. " We will find a great way to give meaning to our list.
Once we have written our biggest flaw and have undergone the scrutiny of the key 2 of the book, we are ready to score the second biggest flaw and do the same. Then repeat the exercise with the third, etc. But we must begin to transcend all the defects of our list at once. Let's start by putting all our efforts and energy in the first, if we have the strength, let the second and if you still can, do it in the third. The important thing is that this does not become a burden to us. But maybe, still working on the first, go to the last defect list and find that there are some that we can easily change, we do not need but a mere change of attitude.

This is the work they have done the great masters of all ages. They have been responsible for psychology and has been behind every lock to feel that they have weakened, then continued to the next and the next to have some mastery over their lives.
important thing is that when you decide to pass a given block, in addition to the work we have described, inquire about it, search for people or groups who help to guide you beat, you can read books or articles to wax that block.

Then you begin to notice detail how this defect is manifested in your life, your mind, your relationships with others, etc. You can go to the key 6 of the book "The 7 Keys to spiritual awakening" and better understand how to operate your ego in that particular aspect.
This allows you to take control of your life. When you know how, when, where and why your fault occurs, then you can advance to the circumstances to overcome. You begin to understand that really is not worth letting it appear, you realize that the consequences are worse than they "enjoy" taking that aspect of your ego afloat.

do all this while you give your life to God. You and you alone can not overcome your ego, just invoking the forces of God that you can actually have the strength and power to transcend your own creation.

Something very important at this point is to prevent you to become a psycho-rigid about your ego. You might then expect the list to overcome all that and achieve perfection. Once a man looked at Jesus and said, "Good Master." Jesus replied: "Do not call me good, but God is good." That tells us that as humans, as long as we live in the flesh can never achieve total perfection. Human perfection is simply not there, God in us is perfect, but we as humans are humans. Our

staff work in psychology is not to become perfect. Just from a range in which the ego controls 90, 60, or 50% of our lives. Our goal is to overcome that statistic and let the God that we take command of 51% of our existence. Then go further and get to have control over 70 Divine, 80 and 90% of our world.

But we can not even believe that one day, on this earth, we will be 100% God and 0% ego. That can not happen because the intrinsic nature of the material world is duality. The universe was created deliberately duality consciousness, but that's not bad, what happens is that God wanted to know that he was separate believe himself, and how it was creating a universe with consciousness of duality and down to him through you. If you are God experiencing duality.

So do not feel guilty because you can not achieve total perfection in this world. Think of it as a human you're just the tip of the iceberg of a greater Self. So now you know that your highest identity, the God you are is perfect. Say man that sings and dances is only 1% of the Eternal Spirit and perfect. So do not worry, 99% of you is perfect. Someday I will loose this mortal mold and you will join the God that you are getting to be 100% perfect. But that will not happen while you're here. If you are on earth is because you have a job to do, and your task is to bring that 99% of the Kingdom of God is within you into this world.

The biggest obstacle for you to make this moral inventory are the pride and fear. Pride will tell you that you do not need to do a survey, you are too spiritually advanced to make such nonsense, that's for wimps. Well, if you think so, you should put pride first in the list. It takes humility to admit your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Fear will tell you not to make that list. It hurts to be aware of defects that embarrass you, well, Feel no shame. God loves and accepts you as you are at this time. The community loves you and accepts you as you are, not because you feel some shame. Raise your head and do not fear.


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