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Plan 24 hours is a powerful tool to transcend any aspect of the ego (alcohol or drug addiction, addiction to pornography, masturbation, to act in anger, etc..) Key is to make the pledge daily that we will not let ourselves fall into certain habits for the next 24 hours.

The fact is that when we promise to stop a habit for the rest of our life, our soul sees it as an unattainable goal and falls prey to despair. While if only we make the promise to keep free of this habit in the next 24 hours, then we will feel much stronger and able to do so, since it is a reasonable goal.

The trick is that they meet the 24-hour cycle, just what we will renew the promise and start again. So we'll go from 24 to 24 to get very far. Every day we prevail will be a victory for God in us and the negative habit will lose strength as we stop feeding our light and energy.

I suggest that every promise made to renew their call to Astrea I give at the end of this article. Astrea is Elohim, ie one of the beings who created this universe. The decree Astrea is one of the most powerful you can do to weaken the ego a negative habit. We know that our ego aspects are reinforced by institutions, demons and disembodied, as well as by the consciousness of the masses. This decree is perfect for removing all that and work more freely on the particular aspect.

then put the text of Alcoholics Anonymous on 24-hour plan, which I have adapted to our region and the state of consciousness of the Aquarian Age. Before reading the text Let's place which is the aspect of self that we want to work and then nombrémoslo whenever they show examples in parentheses:

"For example, do not make promises, do not say" never "again (drinking, watching porn, masturbating, being mean to others, etc..), but instead try to follow what in Community Love is called "the 24-hour plan."

We focus on keeping us sober (free aspect mentioned) only twenty-four hours today and try to simply get by day after day.
If you feel the craving to yield to the desires of the ego not acquiesce or resist it, just put off until tomorrow the decision.

As to (name the appearance of ego that is working) is concerned, we try to keep our mind honestly and realistically, if we are tempted to give-and often the temptation to go away soon be in the Community of Love, we wonder if it would be worthwhile to fall into this aspect of ego that we have in mind, facing all the consequences that we experienced during the times we fell.

We are aware that we have complete freedom to yield to this impulse of self if we do, that the choice of giving or not giving depends entirely on us, but the main thing is that no matter how long we've been without falling, try to deal the fact that there is always the possibility that we fall while we have not discovered the cause and heal our souls.

In another aspect, we imitate the example of the "veterans" who have been successful, and usually continue to attend meetings regularly and Love Community Blog which we joined, there is no rule stating that such assistance is mandatory and can not always explain why we think we hear the stories strengthens and personal interpretations of the other members. However, most feel that attending meetings and peer Blog Love Community are important for the ego to stay sober. "

Prayer to the Elohim Astrea & Mighty Purity Cosmic Being

Elohim Astrea and Purity, come down to this physical plane where I am. Astral deliver me from the hordes of darkness to steal my light and keep me bound (a) the astral plane. Envuélvanme in his brilliant white circle and the blue sword.

deliver me! Deliver me! Deliver me! Beloved Astrea and Purity. My physical body wrap, wrap my mental and emotional bodies. Depart from me those impure thoughts and feelings that contribute to addiction, entities, disembodied and demons. Deliver me from the (s) addiction (s) and / or habit (s) negative (s) such as ____________.

I promise to invoke his white circle and sword of blue flame each cycle of twenty-four hours so that they can use this opportunity to get into my energy field and get rid of these addictions and the dark forces that contribute to them. Beloved Astrea
not let me return to these negative habits. I beg with all my being that you stay by my side twenty four hours a day and keep my mind and heart free from these temptations to enter the astral plane and take any of these addictive substances.

Grant me the strength of ten thousand men to fight these temptations with the Will of God within me. Deliver me from the hordes of tempting that the forces of darkness sent to me. Let them fall caught in a net that is thrown every day around my four lower bodies after I've released them, a network to grab these forces of darkness and immediately take them to the Light. I do not accept defeat! I win! I want to be victorious (a) on the (s) addiction (s) and / or negative habits.

I am on this day of victory over death and hell in my four lower bodies! Therefore, you will be my guardian angel, watching the attack that seeks to take away my peace and my victory. I will follow your guide and I will submit to defeat, because I know you do not you've had to defeat these hordes astral seeking the upper hand every time he has helped countless others who have been trapped in the same addictions and have been submitted under the forces of darkness.

Praised be the Light of the I AM that I have now the opportunity to play. I must be more I AM. With the win, run to find my next enemy and then the next, until all enemies are defeated by the Elohim Astrea and Purity. I thank you in the name of my beloved Christ Self and my I AM Presence, Amen.
Let my prayer be great to touch the lives of all who are similarly trapped by this same addiction and do not know how to pray by themselves .*

Prayer from the Book of Lorraine Michaels: "The invisible power of I AM", Chapter 6, HIDDEN YOUR ENEMIES, pages 147-148. Copyright 2007 by Lorraine Michaels and Editorial More to Life.


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