Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vladmodels Illegal Canada


El Dorado Petiribí is constructed, a wood that with the buff with Tung oil, does highlight for its golden tones. The cap was prepared with raw Guatambú 4 mm, keeping natural tone.
The thickness of the walls of this box have been designed so that the entire instrument works as a sounding board, giving good volume and definition to the sound. This feature allows the musician to play with different shades.

Models: Peruvian and rope

Measures published: 44 cm (height) x 30 cm (width) x 28 cm (depth) (check for other measures)
Cover : raw Guatambú of 4
mm Total weight: 4
kg Diameter of mouth: 10.7

For the tuning of the treble, with ropes model has a vertical internal system that regulates the tension of the two pairs of strings in the form of V located behind the cover. Can also be adjusted so that the bass sound clean as a Peruvian box while the treble with a slight crack of rope.

edges, which have been beveled by hand, providing superior comfort at the time of implementation, while stressing the completion of the instrument, giving a more finished.

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