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Step 7. Humbly asked God to free us from our shortcomings

Adapted from original text of Alcoholics Anonymous

As this step deals specifically humility, we must pause here to consider what is the humility and what practice can do for us.
Achieving a greater degree of humility is certainly the cornerstone of each of the Twelve Steps of Love Community (hereinafter CA), because without some degree of humility any member of CA may be kept balanced. Almost every member of CA have also realized that unless they develop this precious quality beyond what is necessary to be quiet, still not have the opportunity to become truly happy. Without it, your life has no useful purpose or in adversity can not invoke the faith that is needed to deal with certain emergencies.

Humility as a word and as ideal suffers setbacks in our world. Not only do not understand the idea, the word itself is not liked by many. Most people do not even have a superficial understanding of what humility means in the way of life. In many of the conversations we hear every day and much of what we read highlights his pride in the man by his deeds.

With their intelligence, scientists have been picking secrets of nature. The immense resources that currently are being tamed so much promise material benefits, many have come to believe that a millennium ahead forged by man. Misery will disappear and everyone will have such an abundance security and the satisfaction that you covet. The theory seems to be that once satisfied the primitive instincts of all human beings, there is no reason to fight. The world will be happy then free to concentrate on the enhancement of the culture and the culture of personality. The men have wrought his fate enough with their intelligence and strength. Surely

any person, let alone one who is a member of CA, belittles the achievements of a material. We do not argue with many who still cling to the belief that the satisfaction of our natural desires is the main goal of life. But we are confident that there is no person in the world who has had such disastrous results in the application of this formula as we egoic. For many years we have been demanding more than our share of security, prestige, and adventure. When it seemed that we were having success dreamed of greatness. When we desengañábamos, even partially, we looked for an escape to forget. We never saciábamos!. The to frustrate all our efforts, even well-intentioned, was the lack of humility. We had lack the perspective necessary to see the formation of personality and spiritual values \u200b\u200bare in the foreground and that the rewards of a material nature are not a primary objective of life. Very characteristically, we had shifted completely confuse means with ends. Instead of considering the satisfaction of our material desires as a means to exist and function as human beings, we have considered these pleasures as the ultimate goal in life.

Indeed, many thought that some form of conduct was obviously necessary to get the satisfaction of our desires. With a proper display of honesty and morality, we could easily get what they really wanted. But when we had to choose between our character and comfort to the side regarding the development of our character and we embarcábamos in search of what we thought was happiness. Few times we gave importance to itself, to improve our character no matter what our instinctual needs were met or not. Never try to base our daily lives were honesty, tolerance, and genuine love for our fellow man and God.

This lack of attachment to any permanent values, this blindness that prevented us from seeing the true purpose of our lives, produced another bad result. For while we were convinced we could live solely on the basis of our intelligence and our individual strengths, it would be impossible to have an active faith in a Higher Power. This was true even when we believed in the existence of God. Could actually have earnest religious beliefs, but they were infertile because we were still making God. While in the first place we put trust in ourselves as separate beings, it was not possible to have genuine trust in a Higher Power. Lacked one of the basic ingredients of humility, the desire to do the Will of God within us.

For us it was incredibly painful the process of gaining a new perspective. Only at the expense of repeated humiliation, we were forced to learn something about humility. It was not until the end of a long path full of defeats and humiliations, and after the destruction of our self we begin to feel the humility really is and not as a servile state of humiliation. Each member of CA, he says, and soon finds himself, that this humble admission of powerlessness over our emotions is the first step toward liberation from the yoke chilling.


need is like humility, we face the first time. But this is just the beginning. To move away completely from our aversion to the idea of \u200b\u200bbeing humble to consider humility as something desirable in itself, most of us take time. You can not suddenly change the course of an entire life has always revolved around oneself. At first the rebellion hampers our every step. When we have finally admitted without reservation our impotence against our emotions, perhaps sighed with relief and exclaimed "Thank God it's all over, and not have to go through the same." Then we found out, sometimes with some alarm, that this is only the beginning of the path we are running.

spurred by the need still reluctantly boarded those serious defects of character that made us "people problem", which will have to attack to avoid a return to the previous situation. We want to get rid of some of these defects, but in some cases seem an insurmountable task to which we go back. We cling with a passionate insistence to other defects that disturb our balance because we still enjoy them. How can we muster the necessary resolve to rid ourselves of those desires and compulsions so overwhelming? Another

Once we are driven by the inescapable conclusion to which we have come through the experience of CA., that we must work with good will or fall on the road we go. At this stage of our progress we are hard pressed and restricted in our efforts to work properly. We are forced to choose between the pain of trying to do and the punishment that is if we do not. These initial steps we give grudgingly, but give. May not yet have a flattering opinion of what humility means as a desirable personal virtue, but we recognize that aid is necessary for our survival.

When we looked at against some of our shortcomings and we have discussed with another person and when we have been willing to be rid of them, our way of thinking about humility begins to have a broader meaning. Chances are that by then we have already achieved some degree rid of the most devastating of our obstacles. We already have moments where something that looks like the peace of mind. This newfound peace is a priceless gift to us that we had hitherto known only excitement, depression and anxiety. It has gained something else. As before had despised humility, now he begins to regard as an important ingredient to enjoy the serenity.

This perception of humility starts another revolutionary change in our point of view. Begin to open their eyes to the immense value that we can now see because the ego has been deflated. Until now, our lives were devoted largely to escape the pain and problems. We avoid them like the plague. We never wanted to have anything to do with suffering. The flight, by any tube, it was our solution. The development of character through suffering may be good for the saints, but we are not attracted to the idea.

Then in CA., We look around and listen. For Everywhere we saw failure and misery transformed by humility into priceless assets. We hear stories of how humility had brought strength from weakness. In each case the beginning of a new life had been paid with pain. But in exchange for that payment had been received more than expected. Acquire a dose of humility and soon discovered that in addition to curing the pain. We began to fear less the pain and want to have more humility than ever.

During the process of learning more about humility, the most significant result we obtained was the change in our attitude toward God. This was true for believers and those who were not. Begin to overcome the idea we had of the Higher Power was something remote that comes only in emergencies. It began to dispel the idea that we could go on living our own lives, "helped by God from time to time. Many of us had thought we were devotees awaken to the reality of where we are limited in that regard. We were deprived of the help of God by refusing to put first. Then the words "I just, I am nothing, the Father has" started to have meaning and make us a glimpse of bright promises.

We realized it was not necessary to always be beaten and killed by humility. Could achieve both our willingness to follow, as the suffering he does not expect reward. It was a turning point in our lives that we begin to seek humility, not something that we should have, but as something that we really wanted to have. At that point we started to realize all that holds Step Seven: Humbly asked God to deliver us our faults. "

As we approach what it really is to the seventh step, it would be nice, who are members of CA find out what exactly our deepest goals. Each of us wants to live in peace with itself and with others. We would like be sure that the Grace of God can make us what we can do alone. We have seen that the defects based on shortsighted or unworthy desires are the obstacles that hinder our path to these goals. Now we see clearly that we had unreasonable demands to us, for others and for God.

The main cause of defects have been the fear that is in us - mainly fear of losing something we already had or did not get something we demanded. Living on the basis of unsatisfied demands, we were in a constant state of confusion and frustration. It was therefore essential, if we wanted to enjoy some degree of comfort, reduce our demands. Anyone know the difference between a need and a request. Seventh Step is where to change our attitude we can, with humility as a guide, leaving us to go to others and God.

Throughout the Seventh Step emphasizes humility. In fact we are told we must be willing to try to get rid of our shortcomings through humility, in the same way that we admit we were powerless over emotions and we came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to good trial. If that degree of humility could help us find the grace that has been possible banish negative emotions, then there must be hope of obtaining the same result with respect to any problem we might have.


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