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How To Build A Strong Balsa Wood Bridge

Step 6. "We were ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

(Adapted from the 12 steps of Alcohóliocs Anonymous)

"This is a step that separates the men from the boys ...". So think a cleric. Says the person who has enough good will and honesty to apply again and again to Step Six faults "without reservations of any kind", has come a long way spiritually, and therefore deserves to be said about it being a person is trying sincerely to grow in the image of his Creator.

course the frequently discussed question of whether God can remove these defects of character, and if done under certain conditions, will have a positive response from almost any member of the Community Love For him, this proposition is not a theory; for it will be perhaps the most important fact of life.

usually refer to it thus: "Surely he was defeated, utterly defeated. My willpower is not serving me at all to control my emotions. Changing environments, the best efforts of my family and friends, doctors and clerics, were ineffective against my ego. Simply could not handle and no one could get it done. But when I was ready to air and asked a Higher Power, God within me, to free me of my faults, my neurosis disappeared. I pulled it off. "

This kind of testimony is heard daily in Love Community meetings worldwide. Anyone can clearly see that each member of the Community Love has been released. So a literal fully and all members of the Community Love were willing to let God remove from their lives those aspects of ego. And God proceeded to do exactly that.

Once freed us from a perfect way to our main means of escape (drugs, pills, alcohol, masturbation, anger, etc..), why can not achieve the same means, a perfect release every one of our problems and shortcomings? This is a puzzle of our existence whose answer can only be in the mind of God. Yet we realize part of the answer at least.

When men and women are driven by their emotions to such an extent that destroy their lives, they are committing an unnatural act. Defying his survival instinct look like they are bent on destruction. Go against their deepest instincts. Being humiliated by the terrible beating they tip the uncontrolled emotions, Grace of God can reach them and set them free. Here, their powerful instinct to live can cooperate fully with the will of the Creator to give them a new life. Because both nature and God abhor suicide.

But most of the other difficulties that we not fall into this category at all. Every normal person wants, for example, eating and playing, someone in the company of their peers. And you want to be reasonably safe and secure while trying to achieve their ends. God certainly did so. Not designed to be destroyed. And yes I endowed with instincts to help him survive.

saw no evidence anywhere that our Creator expects us to remove completely our instinctual drives. To our knowledge, there is no evidence that God has removed a man all his natural impulses.

Like most of us is born with an abundance of natural desires, it is not uncommon that often leave to exceed its purpose. When we are blind, we demand that they voluntarily give us more satisfaction than it is possible or what is due, is the time when we depart the degree of perfection that God desires for us on earth. This is the measure of our character defects, or, if you will, sins.
If we ask God will surely forgive us negligence. But under no circumstances will we whites as snow if we bring our collaboration. That is something that assume that we are willing to strive to achieve. He only asks that we try, as best we can, to advance in the formation of our character.

So in the Sixth Step "became willing to let God remove these defects of character" is the way the Community Love expresses what is the best attitude can be assumed to begin this task of life . This does not mean you expect all our character defects will be eliminated as was our main means of escape. Maybe some other, but we must content ourselves with better patient with respect to most others. The key words "entirely ready" underline the fact that we aspire to the best of what we know or can know.

How many of us are willing to this degree? In an absolute sense, no. The best we can do, with all honesty that we can make is to try to be. Even then the best of us sadly discovered that there is always a critical time in which we pause and say, "Not that I can not leave yet." And often tread even more dangerous ground when we cry, "This will never leave you." Such is the force which our instincts molesters. Despite the progress made will wish to oppose the grace of God.

Some of those who think well maybe I did refute this, so let's go further. Almost anyone feels the desire to get rid of their most notorious and destructive impediments. Nobody wants to be so proud to be tittle of boastful or ambitious to be called a thief. Nobody wants to be angry to the degree of kill or be lewd until the rapture, and so greedy that ruins their health. Nobody wants to feel the chronic malaise that produces envy or remain paralyzed by sloth. Of course, most humans do not suffer from these defects in the exaggerated degree.

Those who have escaped to reach these ends we are likely to welcome this. However, can we do?, After all, what was not selfishness, pure and simple, which allowed us to avoid the extremes? No spiritual effort by trying to avoid excesses so we punish them anyway. But where we are when it comes to the least violent of the same kind of defects?.

What we recognize now is that we rejoice with some of our shortcomings. Actually want. For example, who does not like to feel a little bit higher and still far superior to those around you? Is not it true that we let greed put the mask of ambition? We like to think that lust seems impossible. However, there are many men and women who speak of love and believe what they say, in order to hide the lust in a dark corner of their minds. And while remaining within conventional limits, many people will have to admit that their imaginary sex excursions are sometimes disguised as romantic dreams.

We can even enjoy an angry state that we believe justified. In a perverse way may cause us welcome the fact that many people we may find annoying because it gives us a sense of superiority. A polite way to kill personalities, gossip is spurred by anger, has its satisfactions. In this case we are not trying to help those who criticize, we are trying to proclaim our hypocrisy.

When gluttony does not come to a ruinous degree, we use a milder term to describe it: comfort. We live in a world infected with envy. This affects everyone in varying degrees. Presumably this defect derive a twisted satisfaction. Otherwise, why do we spend so much time wanting what we have, instead of using that time trying to get it, or looking for attributes that you will never have clumsily rather than adapt to facts and accept them? And how many times we work hard to ensure that security and laziness, to what we call "retire from active life." Consider also the talent we have to take what we do and that is really lazy. Almost anyone can make a long list of these defects and few of us would think seriously give them at least until they start to make us very unhappy.

course, some conclude that they are ready for free from their defects. But even these people, if they make a list of less serious defects, they will be forced to admit that they prefer keep some of them. Therefore, it seems clear that few of us can come quickly or easily to be ready to claim a moral or spiritual perfection, we transact only with the degree of perfection necessary to get by. So the difference between boys and men, is the difference between fighting to achieve a limited objective of our ego and fight to get the goal which is God.

many questions in the act: "How can we accept anything that involves the Sixth Step? That would be perfection. " This seems a difficult question, but in reality it is not. Only you can practice to perfection the First Step where we made an absolute admission that we were powerless to fight our emotions out of control. The following eleven steps outlined perfect ideal. They are goals to which we aspire and instruments used to measure our progress. Seen from this point, the Sixth Step is still difficult, but by no means impossible. What is needed is to start and continue to persevere.

If the implementation of this step does not get any substantial benefit in addressing issues unrelated to our way of escape, need to start again with the mind more alert. Need to look perfectly and be prepared to go in that direction. It matters little that sometimes stumble. What matters is to be ready. Looking

again those defects that we have not let go, we must dispel the rigid boundaries we have set. In some cases it may even have to say: "This I can not leave yet ...", but we must never say:" That does not leave again! ". We

bridge what appears to be a dangerously open final. It suggests that we need to be fully prepared to aspire to perfection. However, we note that some degree of delay is excusable. The ego to seek a reasoned explanation of the word immediately, easily interpreted as the long term. Might say, "This is very easy. Surely I encaminaré to perfection but I have no reason to hurry. Maybe I can postpone having to face some of my problems. " Of course this does not give satisfactory results. This kind of deception alone does not lead anywhere. At least, we must fight against our worst character defects and take active steps to remove them as soon as possible.

When we say "no, never" our minds are closed to the Grace of God. The delay is dangerous and rebellion may be fatal. At this point leave limited objectives and headed to what is God's will for us.


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